All Dressed Up for Halloween

My boys went all out for their Halloween costumes this year. Youngest son made most of his including his mask. He only bought a few things for his like his belt, arm and leg bands. Oldest bought most of his except his shirt which I made.

They will be attending a couple of parties and entering a few local contests. Oldest is one of the Three Muskateers and youngest is SubZero from Mortal Kombat.

Here are some pics of them dressed up:


And Devon

Hope they have fun.

Got a Few Ribbons at the Fair

Our local Fair began this past Thursday. The Sunday and Tuesday before I had to drop off my entries. I entered 2 craft items, a soft sculpture doll and knitted gloves, in the Hobbies and Craft section and 4 photos in the Photographic Arts section.

Now, I’m not an expert at anything, but I’m sufficient at what I do. My oldest son didn’t think I would get any ribbons for my photos. He knew I’d probably get something for my craft items.

Well here are the results.

2nd Place ribbons for my craft items.

First Place ribbons for 3 of my photos


My oldest son decided he was going to be one of the Three Muskateers for Halloween this year. And he ordered a pattern for the shirt from McCalls.

Now he didn’t tell me about it until AFTER the pattern came in the mail. I had a pretty good idea it was something he wanted me to sew, especially when I saw the return address on the envelope.

Being the kind, sweet mother that I am, I told him he would have to go fabric shopping with me and he would have to pay for the fabric. Now what could be better than to go fabric shopping and have someone else pay for it!! My kind of deal!

We picked out some very nice white cotton broadcloth for the shirt. We even got a yard more than the pattern called for. Good thing too, because it took almost all of it.

I cut the shirt out this past Wednesday, but didn’t get to sewing on it until today. It took me all day to sew this shirt. There are bunches of gathers at the sleeve cuff and top arm area. The sleeve itself is wide enough to be used as a skirt. Then there are gathers at the bottom of the yoke piece.

It turned out rather nice, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Miss Emma Jean, a Soft Sculpture Doll

For the last few weeks I have been doing a tutorial on one of my groups. From design to finish I showed them how to make a simple soft sculpture doll. It was a lot of work, beginning with the design, taking pictures, writing a little bit. Then sewing a little, taking pictures and writing some more.

I finally completed my doll and now I am waiting on the group members to catch up. I can hardly wait to see what they have done and how they have embellished their dolls.

Now for a little background on Emma Jean. She is, in her own mind, a fashion diva. I don’t have the heart to tell her differently. But she is a loveable character with a heart of gold. One can’t help but love her.