Internet Trolls

We have all seen their handiwork, their negative responses to every post made on any kind of social media, be it Facebook or any blog site or community forum.

It must be a disease afflicting lonely, self absorbed people who can find no other way to draw attention to themselves than to belittle others in a weak and vain attempt to sound so much more important than they are.

How pathetic and empty their lives must be.  They deserve pity, but nothing more.

They should not be responded to, nor should their posts be allowed to remain.

I decided a long time ago that negative responses to my posts on my Facebook page or blog would not be tolerated.  They will be deleted/blocked ASAP.  Meaning as soon as I see it, it is gone AND reported as SPAM, etc.

My advice:  Don’t let some Internet Troll control you or what you write.  Eliminate their posts and don’t respond to them.  They can’t stand the “non-attention”.

internet troll