Super Moon

Youngest and I made an unplanned trip out last night to get a few shots of the Super Moon.

This is when the moon is full and closest to the Earth.

Our trip was poorly planned and we ended up at Wayside Park.  Not the best place to be at night. The area is a teen hangout and I’m sure there are some drug dealings going on.  Youngest kept an eye out for me while we were there.  We didn’t stay long.  Just long enough to take some pics and get the “H” out of Dodge.

I only had a couple of pics come out not blurred by other lights.  So I will share this one with you.

SM 1

There will be 1 more Super Moon this year.  Hopefully, we will plan our trip better next time.

A Little History Lesson from My Son

A few days ago, my son called for transportation as he had to put his car in the shop for repairs.

As I was taking him home, I asked him what it was he called the man-made land areas between Pensacola and Pace, where he lives.  He said it is called the Fill.

There are sections of land (filled in areas) connected by bridges that join Pensacola with Pace, Florida.

Once we crossed “the Fill”, he asked if I wanted a to take a little detour and learn a little history.  Of course, I said yes.

We took a right off Hwy 90 and went down to a little known park in Pace.  There he showed me the remnants of a dock where a ferry (actually a barge) would land to transport folks to and from the other side at $0.25 a person.   This was done only twice a day and handled by two crews as it was very tiring work.  This ferry went from the Pace side to the Pensacola side and landed in a small section of Pensacola called Ferry Pass.

The area is still called Ferry Pass. It has a volunteer fire department and a large hospital, along with multiple churches, stores and homes.

For you history buffs, check this out:

Here is a couple of photos on the Pace side of the remnants, still visible, of the old dock area.

fps 2

fps 3