Bellingrath Gardens in the Spring

We visited Bellingrath Gardens just outside of Mobile, Alabama yesterday. It was a beautiful day and a fun visit.

It did reach up into the 80’s so it was a little warm but worth the effort. Of course, by the time we finished, my legs and hips were killing me and we were exhausted.

If you plan to visit, go in the Spring or Fall. Otherwise it is too hot and humid. There are places to sit along the way if you get tired and there are a few vending machines to get drinks, including water.

Here are some photos to entice you.


OMG!! This puppy can howl! I didn’t know such a tiny little thing could reach such an extreme volume! The neighbors probably think she is dying!

Let me explain. I have my sewing machine in the kitchen on the table. It provides a large enough space for quilting.

I also have a baby gate separating the kitchen from the living room…to keep the puppy out of the kitchen and ultimately out of the cats’ food bowl, which she, BTW, is more fond of than her own food. It also provides a sanctuary for the cats when they want to get away from the “let’s chase the cats and have fun” attitude of the puppy. Can you believe a 15 pound cat is terrified of a 4 pound puppy?

So what happens when I go in the kitchen to sew or quilt and shut the gate behind me, leaving the puppy looking in? The HOWLING begins! OMG! It is deafening!

I have learned that I have to be patient and wait until the little bugger is sleeping. Then I can sew. The noise doesn’t wake her, thank goodness.

Right now she is at my feet, jumping up, trying to get me to pick her up. I read somewhere that Westies are not lap dogs. Someone forgot to tell her that.

What Has Queen Bella Been Up To?

What has Queen Bella been up to?

She has saved her loyal subjects from the Horrendous Rug Dragon (in the bathroom).

She has defeated the Barbarian Leaf Hordes (out in the yard).

She has thwarted the Evil Lord Cuff of Pants and his many Sock Minions. (usually while someone is wearing them)

She has bestowed riches upon her subjects (wet and slobbery)

Now she has retired for a time to regain her strength to protect us all from the evil that surrounds us. (at least in her eyes)

A New Puppy!

Today we got a puppy, a Westie! She is adorable! Puppy breath and wet kisses.

Already she has learned what puppy pads are for and tries to make it to them.

My cats don’t know what to think of her. They get puzzled looks on their faces, like, “What kind of cat is that? It sure smells funny!” But none of them have tried to hurt her. The tend to avoid her as much as possible.

Right now she’s fast asleep in her box.

Oh, BTW, her name is Bella.