A New Puppy!

Today we got a puppy, a Westie! She is adorable! Puppy breath and wet kisses.

Already she has learned what puppy pads are for and tries to make it to them.

My cats don’t know what to think of her. They get puzzled looks on their faces, like, “What kind of cat is that? It sure smells funny!” But none of them have tried to hurt her. The tend to avoid her as much as possible.

Right now she’s fast asleep in her box.

Oh, BTW, her name is Bella.


8 thoughts on “A New Puppy!

  1. Thanks, DM. She’s smart too, even at such a young age. We are in for a lot of trouble. I can see it comming. 😀

  2. So are you going to start knitting shoe protectors out of metal strands? You’re so brave and she’s so irresistibly adorable

    • Yes, she is a Westie. 🙂 She is just a small ball of energy! I think she has the Energizer Bunny beat. She never seems to run out of steam.

    • Thanks, Sweets. She is a lovable ball of fur. She keeps us hoping. She has so much energy.

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