Got a New iPhone

Something to be excited about, right?  Well, not if you weren’t planning on doing that right away.

I’ve had an iPhone 4s for a couple of years.  Yes, I wanted to upgrade. But decided I would wait until next year to do so.

Well this past week, I had no choice.  My 4s started behaving strangely.  I could touch an app and the app would either not load or load temporarily, then go back to the main page.  That was aggravating to say the least. So I tried downloading an update that supposedly addressed that problem…..I tried that a minimum of 5 times without success.

I contacted both of my kids via FB and told them that I would not be able to call them or accept calls until I got a new phone.  Also told them, if necessary to call their dad and relay any messages via him.

Friday morning we were waiting outside the Verizon store for them to open.  I had already checked on line for any deals I might qualify for and the SE was the deal of choice.

When we went inside the store, I explained to one of their associates the problem I was having and told him what I had found on line.  He checked in their store room for the SE.  Unfortunately they were all out of the SE’s.

He checked my account usage and offered several alternatives and a cheaper monthly rate.  I ended up with an iPhone 6 and a Hum (in car handsfree phone device).

I am happy with the iPhone 6. It has a larger screen which is great for old eyes.  It also has additional features and larger storage than my previous phone.

I think I’ll keep it….at least until it starts misbehaving.


WOW! What A Delicious Cake!!

I found this cake recipe on Facebook and tried it yesterday.  It is almost completely gone.  My family loved it.  In fact, my oldest son’s boss requested one for their shift at work.

I don’t mind making it, but oldest will have to get the ingredients.  It is very “rich” .  You’ll see that when you get the recipe.

Here is a pic of my cake:

apple pecan cake caramel topping

Apple Pecan Cake with Caramel Glaze