Animal Attack!

Yesterday evening, youngest and I (and Bella, my dog) took a 2 mile walk around our neighborhood.

While out on the road Bella kept turning around looking at something behind us. She is very protective of us.

Son spotted what it was and went to investigate.  This little thing tried to climb his pants leg.  We checked with houses around there to see if they owned him. But were told “No”.

I remembered seeing a “Free Kittens” sign the other day, but it was gone last evening.

Anyway, this little guy followed him home.  Son did try to leave him, but he would have none of that.

I feared for his safety. He is so little and we have quite a few hawks in this area.

Here is a couple of pictures of this little guy.

LF 1

That is my oldest cat, Momma Kitty. She is 18 years old.

LF 2

This is him trying to climb up my pants leg.

Age is Relative

The other day hubby and I went to Krystal to get lunch.  He wore his Vietnam Vet baseball cap, like he does most of the time when we are out.

We ordered our food and I took out my wallet to pay, while hubby got us a table.  The young lady behind the counter asked me to tell hubby “Thanks for his service to our country.”  Then she asked if I knew him while he was serving in Vietnam.  I told her I met him AFTER he returned.

It wasn’t until later that day that I realized how she perceived us….that little “old” couple who came in for lunch.

I laughed a bit at that thought because I don’t see myself or hubby as “old”.  I’m 64 and he is 66.  I am active.  I walk my dog daily.  I go on short hikes with my sons.  We visit historical sites and wander all over those places.  We visit zoos and state parks. We work in the yard.

So what I’m trying to say is Age is Relative.  Granted I don’t see or hear as well as I did when I was younger.  I also have Asthma and high cholesterol, but I’m not going to let those minor annoyances stop me from doing what I want to do when I want to do it.

So here’s to age, perception and relativity.


Pollen, Humidity, Allergies, Asthma and Determination

I slacked off this past winter on my walking.  So started back in on the treadmill in March, but really not exerting myself.  Found out rather quickly when I took a couple of outside hikes that this year is going to be a little tough on me.

The pollen count is way higher than it has been in the past couple of years and the humidity drains your energy.  My allergies are over active and I’ve had a few minor asthma flare ups.

So on one of my routine visits to my doc, he suggested I use my inhaler PRIOR to hiking and take an antihistamine. Just have to find one that doesn’t knock me out.

Anyway, I’ve been doing more walking outside, through my neighborhood.  My normal walk is 1.2 miles and takes me about 30 minutes with my dog.

Today, I tried a different route.  It is longer (1.6 miles and 43 minutes) and a good portion of it is uphill.  WOOHOO!  I made it around.  I did use my inhaler prior to the walk and was only huffing and puffing on the uphill part.

Now the kicker will be to do this walk on a regular basis.  Wish me luck.


5/22/2015 UPDATE:  I am managing to do this walk at least 4 x a week.  Already planning a new, longer route for the future.

5/28/2015 UPDATE:  Walked 1.9 miles today in 39.03 minutes. WooHoo! Getting a little better.

Arcadia Mill Archaeological Site

Youngest and I went on a short hike at Arcadia Mills Archaeological Site.  It is open sunup to sunset and is free to the public. (except for guided tours).

A lot has changed since we were last here.  There used to be one boardwalk area, then a footpath on somewhat rough terrain and a scare the hell out of you suspension bridge over the creek.  That has all been replaced with a boardwalk and steel and wood bridge over the creek.  There is still a short footpath of about 1/2 mile.  We trekked it all today.

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