Now I Ask You…Is There Such a Place?

Is there such a place, where the humidity doesn’t stifle you, the rain doesn’t drown you,  the heat doesn’t choke you, the cold doesn’t bore to the bone or severe weather doesn’t exist?
The humidity in this state is at times unbearable.  With high humidity and high heat, perspiration does not evaporate and therefore our built in cooling system ceases to function properly.  And breathing in this type of weather almost requires an oxygen tank.

The rain at times is torrential.  Makes one wonder if we should have bought a boat instead of a house.

And the cold weather is so damp, one is chilled to the bone and nothing seems to take the chill away.

Not forgetting the hurricanes, that, of course, only occur during the hottest times of the year.  If your house is left standing, then you have no electricity, no AC, no refrigeration, no hot water (if you’re lucky enough to have running water after it’s done).

I guess I’m just getting old and need a comfortable, boring place to live out my old age. 🙂