Can Openers

I find I am in need of a can opener.  I am not a fan of electric can openers. They take up too much space and most are bulky and cumbersome to use.  Sometimes they drop the cans and the contents go everywhere.

For the last 10 years or so I’ve been using a manual can opener.  But it finally gave up the ghost.  So I bought another one.  It cut maybe two cans before it stopped working like it should .  Using it was killing my hands.  So I got another.  Same thing.

I got to thinking. Why are we still using can openers?  As a society we have been using can openers for over 100 years (this is just a guess), maybe even longer.  Why hasn’t the industry made cans that are all pull tab tops?

Cat food come with a pull top lid.  Soups come with a pull top lid.  Other products come with a pull top lid.  So what’s with the canning industry that they can’t make ALL cans with pull top lids?

In reality, can openers should be obsolete.can opener