Vacation Plans

The other evening my oldest son came by to visit.  During his time here he brought up the subject of all of us taking a trip to Mount Vernon, VA around this time next year.  We were all excited about the prospect of a family vacation.

Youngest did mention that he may be hiking the AT during that time, but may be able to meet us there.

A year should give us time to save up for the trip expenses and boarding our dog.  May have to get her used to being boarded, but we shall see.  I know our vet boards dogs and at least she would be around folks who have her health record.

Also, may have to rent a wheelchair for hubby.  He walks with a cane now, but only for short distances.  He would not be able to hold up to a tour through several buildings and acres.

Another thing is photography.  I’ll probably still take my 2 cameras, but I also want to experiment with my iPhone.  I will definitely need to get a selfie stick so I can get all of us in one shot.

I’ve checked a few places to stay while we are there.  Gives me an idea of accommodations.  We’ll definitely want something with a kitchen so we are not eating out all the time.  That gets old and usually involves way too many calories.

That also means I will need to get my bohunkus in gear and put some effort into working out.  May need to start using some weights.  May need to build up some strength if I am going to be pushing a wheelchair around.

Anyway, lots to think about; lots to get done in the meantime.

Mount Vernon, VA