Life Gets In the Way

It is amazing how much has happened since my last visit/post to my own blog.

I went back to work.  Just weekends at a facility for developmentally and intellectually challenged adults.  It is a busy facility, but a very caring one.

Hubby’s mobility has deteriorated.  He uses a walker now. And has occasional memory problems, but I think most folks do at our age.  He already had another stay in a hospital due to his diabetes.  Such a wicked disease.

One of my senior cats passed away.  She was close to 20 and could not get around well at all.  Then she started having seizures. Poor baby.

My youngest attempted to hike the AT, but came down with the flu and had to come home.  He still plans to thru-hike it some day in the future.

Youngest is going to help us do a bathroom remodel around the end of March.  Believe me it needs it!  It will be converted to a shower only instead of tub/shower combo.  This will make it easier for hubby to get in and out of the shower.

Got a new cell phone.  Needed that.  My old one was getting a  little glitchy.

Oh, almost forgot!  Got a new car.  Needed one of those.  Was driving a 20 year old Toyota Corolla.  Traded it in on a brand new Kia Soul in white.  Not fond of those alien green ones.  I got it because it will hold hubby’s walker and a wheelchair if necessary.  I already know it will hold two recliners.  We hauled a large one and a small one in the back.  The back of each comes off, so you just put the seats in, then the backs.

Can’t think of anything else at the moment.  Will attempt to post more frequently, but you know life gets in the way sometimes.