PHOTOGRAPHY:  I love taking pictures.  This all started when I was a kid.  I had the infamous Kodak 110 and the Polaroid “shoot the picture out, coat with preservative” type, and 35mm Canon.  Then I discovered digital.  WOW! is all I can say.  My first digital was a Kodak 2.5 megapixel.  It was great for its time.  Since then I have advanced some, currently owning a Kodak 10.1 megapixel camera with a wonderful zoom lens on it.  I love being able to “see” my pictures BEFORE I print them and know that they are in the camera.  Even though the 35mm was versitile, I didn’t know until the film was developed whether or not a particular picture was going to be good or not, or if the camera was working properly, etc.  That can be a bummer if you’ve gone on vacation with a non-functioning 35mm and you don’t know it until you get back home.

KNITTING AND CROCHETING: Knitting is one of my most favorite things to do in addition to taking pictures. 

SOFT SCULPTURED DOLLS I love sewing dolls or soft sculptured animals. They are just fun to create. Most of the time they never come out just like the photo on the pattern, but that makes them unique.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Cuz!!
    Funny meeting you here! Come on over and visit me! I have a cup of coffee waiting! Hey, how do I sign up to follow your blog?
    Talk to you soon!

  2. Hi I am wondering what happened to your crocheted mittens post. It still googles but it is missing. I finished one mitt and would like the other to look similar so if you could put it back up that would be swell.

  3. I remember those Kodak 110s too! Haven’t been able to take as many pictures recently – except for sports/soccer related pics. Maybe this coming spring again … I need to post more in my ‘photo’ blog.

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