What Happened to Good Old Fashioned Discipline?

Yes, that’s my question.  I’m talking about the kind that you and I received as a child.  The kind that we knew would come if we misbehaved or caused our parents any kind of grief.

When we were young we were taught the consequences of our actions.  We quickly learned the rules of appropriate behavior and the type of punishment that followed should we not abide by those established rules of behavior.  There was no “time out”.  There was applied “science”, if you will, in the form of a switch, paddle or belt to our padded posterior.

Children learned quickly what was acceptable and what was not.  Our parents did not have to worry about what we might do in public because we had learned the lessons of acceptable behavior.  I’m not saying we were perfect little angels, because sometimes we did test those lessons and were forced to re-learn them.

We did not have parents who refused to accept the job of forging us into responsible adults.  Our parents didn’t ignore us until we caused a major crisis or run us to the doctor seeking a diagnosis for our behavior so that they could use that as an excuse for a lack of discipline on their part.

Yes, I have seen that.  I am a retired nurse and I have seen my fair share of parents who don’t want to take responsibility for their children.  And it seems to be getting worse on a daily basis.

I am not advocating beating your children, but a pop on the butt alerts the child to the fact that there are consequences to their actions.  But parents must be consistent in order to raise the child to be a responsible member of society.  Inconsistency does the child no good whatsoever.

It seems today’s parents, don’t want to discipline their children.  They are quick to blame someone else when their child does wrong instead of correcting the child’s behavior.  And then they wonder why no one wants them or their children around.

This little essay will probably offend some folks, I really don’t care.  It needs to be said.

jon 21

Scalloped Triangle Shawl (Crochet) Photo Tutorial


I found this wonderful crochet pattern on Ravelry.  It is easy and quick.  The pattern uses fingering/sock weight yarn and a small hook, but I used worsted weight yarn and an H hook.  I posted a photo of the completed shawl on Facebook and encouraged several of my friends to try the pattern.

I decided to do a photo tutorial in case they had questions on the instructions.  Here is the link to the Ravelry project page.  If you want the pattern, just click on free download.


Now for the photo tutorial:


T 1 T 2

Row 1:

T 3

Row 2:

T 4 T 5

Row 3:

T 6 T 7

Row 4:

T 8 T 9 T 10 T 11 T 12

Row 5:

T 13 T 14 T 15 T 16 T 17 T 18

Row 6:

T 19 T 20 T 21 T 22 T 23 T 24

Row 7:

T 25 T 26 T 27

Row 8:

T 28 T 29

Rows 9 – 12 repeat previous rows. Hope these photos help you understand the this pattern and make it easier for you to do.

Here are photos of my first one and the second one (in progress):

STShawl 1

Project photo

Idle Hands and All That…….

My hands are definitely not idle.  I am always doing some crafty thing.  If I don’t keep my hands busy, they tend to want to shovel food into my mouth and my mouth never refuses. So I must keep them busy doing other things, cooking, cleaning, sewing, knitting, crocheting….something.

My latest crafty thing is this shawl.  It is a free pattern on Ravelry.

GS 2

Here is the link if you want to make this shawl yourself:


Newfie Hat and Mittens


nh 2

Recently I came across a pattern for Newfie mittens (pattern on Ravelry)  and made them.  Then I wondered if there was one for a hat.  There were several, but they didn’t seem to meet my needs.  So I winged it and created my own version.  So for those out there who wish to try this hat, here are the instructions:


This is a simple hat pattern made to fit a 21-23 inch head. These instructions assume that you already know how to knit in the round with both circular and double pointed needles and understand basic knitting terminology


1 ball of Knit PIcks Chroma Worsted (multi-color of your choice) MC

1 ball of Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) (solid color of your choice) CC

US 9 circular needles 16 inches long

US 9 double pointed needles

Yarn needle

Pat 1

K4 (CC), S2 (MC) around x 5 rounds

Purl 2 rounds with MC

Pat 2

K1 (CC) S2(MC), then K4(CC) S2(MC)around to last 3 stitches and K3(CC) x 5 rounds

Purl 2 rounds with MC


With MC, c/o 84 stitches onto circular needles.   K2P2 for 1.25 inches.

Join CC and begin Pat 1, alternating with Pat 2.   Repeat Pat 1 and 2 for a total of 4 times each. This will measure approximately 7 inches from cast on edge.

Cut CC yarn

Decrease with MC only:

Change to double pointed needles when necessary.  And any extra stitches at the end of decrease rounds, just knit them.

  1. K8, K2tog around
  2. K7, K2tog around
  3. K6, K2tog around
  4. K5, K2tog around
  5. K4, K2tog around
  6. K3, K2tog around
  7. K2, K2tog around
  8. K2tog around
  9. K2tog around

Cut yarn and slip through remaining stitches. Tighten and secure. Weave in all ends. Block if necessary.

And these are the mittens:

newfie mitts