Life Gets In the Way

It is amazing how much has happened since my last visit/post to my own blog.

I went back to work.  Just weekends at a facility for developmentally and intellectually challenged adults.  It is a busy facility, but a very caring one.

Hubby’s mobility has deteriorated.  He uses a walker now. And has occasional memory problems, but I think most folks do at our age.  He already had another stay in a hospital due to his diabetes.  Such a wicked disease.

One of my senior cats passed away.  She was close to 20 and could not get around well at all.  Then she started having seizures. Poor baby.

My youngest attempted to hike the AT, but came down with the flu and had to come home.  He still plans to thru-hike it some day in the future.

Youngest is going to help us do a bathroom remodel around the end of March.  Believe me it needs it!  It will be converted to a shower only instead of tub/shower combo.  This will make it easier for hubby to get in and out of the shower.

Got a new cell phone.  Needed that.  My old one was getting a  little glitchy.

Oh, almost forgot!  Got a new car.  Needed one of those.  Was driving a 20 year old Toyota Corolla.  Traded it in on a brand new Kia Soul in white.  Not fond of those alien green ones.  I got it because it will hold hubby’s walker and a wheelchair if necessary.  I already know it will hold two recliners.  We hauled a large one and a small one in the back.  The back of each comes off, so you just put the seats in, then the backs.

Can’t think of anything else at the moment.  Will attempt to post more frequently, but you know life gets in the way sometimes.



Can Openers

I find I am in need of a can opener.  I am not a fan of electric can openers. They take up too much space and most are bulky and cumbersome to use.  Sometimes they drop the cans and the contents go everywhere.

For the last 10 years or so I’ve been using a manual can opener.  But it finally gave up the ghost.  So I bought another one.  It cut maybe two cans before it stopped working like it should .  Using it was killing my hands.  So I got another.  Same thing.

I got to thinking. Why are we still using can openers?  As a society we have been using can openers for over 100 years (this is just a guess), maybe even longer.  Why hasn’t the industry made cans that are all pull tab tops?

Cat food come with a pull top lid.  Soups come with a pull top lid.  Other products come with a pull top lid.  So what’s with the canning industry that they can’t make ALL cans with pull top lids?

In reality, can openers should be obsolete.can opener

Vacation Plans

The other evening my oldest son came by to visit.  During his time here he brought up the subject of all of us taking a trip to Mount Vernon, VA around this time next year.  We were all excited about the prospect of a family vacation.

Youngest did mention that he may be hiking the AT during that time, but may be able to meet us there.

A year should give us time to save up for the trip expenses and boarding our dog.  May have to get her used to being boarded, but we shall see.  I know our vet boards dogs and at least she would be around folks who have her health record.

Also, may have to rent a wheelchair for hubby.  He walks with a cane now, but only for short distances.  He would not be able to hold up to a tour through several buildings and acres.

Another thing is photography.  I’ll probably still take my 2 cameras, but I also want to experiment with my iPhone.  I will definitely need to get a selfie stick so I can get all of us in one shot.

I’ve checked a few places to stay while we are there.  Gives me an idea of accommodations.  We’ll definitely want something with a kitchen so we are not eating out all the time.  That gets old and usually involves way too many calories.

That also means I will need to get my bohunkus in gear and put some effort into working out.  May need to start using some weights.  May need to build up some strength if I am going to be pushing a wheelchair around.

Anyway, lots to think about; lots to get done in the meantime.

Mount Vernon, VA

Attention: BAR Trucks and SUV’s


Just because I drive a small car, does NOT mean you have the right to run your BAR truck up my tailpipe. (1) I am in the right hand lane. (2) I am doing the speed limit (3) If you want to go faster than the speed limit, move your  ass into the left hand lane where the other speedsters are. (4) You can then go as fast as you want, fight with other idiots driving BAR trucks and SUV’s, run off a bridge or up a tree. I don’t care. Just leave me alone.

Oh and don’t get me started on your lack of parking abilities.

toyota corolla

Been Busy Since I Last Posted

We have been busy these past few months.  Had to get a few things done.

We got a handicapped parking hang tag for hubby as he can’t walk long distances or stand for extended periods of time.   Comes in handy when we have to go shopping.  Just an FYI, we only park in a designated spot when we are together.  If I am alone, I park in another spot and leave the handicapped place for those who need it.

One of my cats had kittens, her first litter and hopefully last.  She had them in the bed next to me. So that was extra work I had to do as far as cleaning goes.  They are now almost 8 weeks old.  She had 3 initially, but one was stillborn.

LF and kittens

Towards the end of March, I planted a garden.  Actually 2 small gardens near my blueberry bushes.  One with a few vegetables and the other with herbs.  Some I planted in pots.

veggies 2

Veggies – bell pepper, beans and tomatoes

herbs 2

Herbs – parsley, cilantro, basil, sage, mint, sorrel, rosemary, thyme, oregano.

The black thing you see is a soaker hose snaking its way through both gardens and the blueberry patch.

I keep the areas covered with leaves and pine straw that will eventually decompose and fertilize the gardens.  I also use vegetable waste, coffee grounds and egg shells.

I use a homemade bug killer on the plants when they are not blooming.  It’s made of Neem oil, water and dish detergent.  It is effective, but once the plants start producing buds, I have to be extra careful with it so as not to kill any bees.  We need our bees.

Well that’s what we’ve been up to.  Hope your last few months have been productive.




Hubby Now Has a Cane

Yesterday we had to go out to the VA clinic as hubby had an appointment with the prosthetic department.  They issued him a cane due to the weakness and pain he has in his right leg (old wound from Vietnam).

They showed him how to use it and watched him walk with it for a bit before letting us go on our way.

I did ask about getting a handicapped parking permit for him as it will make it easier for him to get to and from buildings, such as the VA or grocery store or even a restaurant.  Was told that the DMV has the necessary forms that he will fill out part of and then his doctor will take care of the rest.

He’s learning that he now has to do things one handed, which in some cases will require more than one trip to accomplish a task.  This will make his independence a little more challenging but I am all about him keeping as much independence as possible.

So here’s to learning new ways of moving and maintaining independence.



Lots of Things Going On

I haven’t posted in awhile.  Lots of things going on in my life.

Developed a sudden intolerance to wheat products.  Have no idea where that came from.  I don’t eat a lot of wheat products to begin with.  But after eating a sandwich one day,  I developed some severe joint pain. Weird! huh!

Initially I thought that was just a one time thing.  I didn’t eat wheat again for a few weeks. Let me say I have pain in my knees routinely due to an injury that happened last year.  So I have good days and bad days.  That is the reason I felt this was just a one time thing.  Any way, I ate  wheat again and got up the next day with severe joint pain.  What The “F”????

So I decided I better try gluten/wheat free, because I really do like being pain free, at least as pain free as possible at my age.

Learning to cook with gluten/wheat free products is a whole ‘nuther story.  I do have to say that the products are way better than they used to be.  Thank goodness for that.

Another thing that happened …..I developed a rash on my back .  Sometimes it itched and sometimes it didn’t.  Of course I checked everything on the internet that it could possibly be and started eliminating anything that could be causing it.

First thing to go was my statin med.  I’ve had problems with it before.  But the rash didn’t go away.  Then I thought maybe it was caused by bed bugs.  I washed everything and cleaned the mattress and box springs, checked and sprayed for bugs, etc.  Still did not go away.  (No bugs, BTW)

Then I thought it might possibly be scabies (mites), but it didn’t act like scabies. No constant, 24/7/365 itching, no head to toe rash.  I used every cream, solvent, soap, etc. available, including homemade ones.

Got on the internet again looking for things that could cause a rash.  Read that in most cases it is caused by laundry detergent and/or dryer sheets, especially if the rash is concentrated in areas where your clothing comes in constant contact with your skin.  You know…at your waist, bra, etc.

So here we go again, washing everything (without laundry detergent or dryer sheets).  I am using two aluminum  foil balls in the dryer and they work pretty well  to keep the static down.  I will be using some Castile soap in the laundry in the future since it is very gentle.

Oh, the concoction I am using for the rash is a mixture of Neem oil, Tea Tree oil, Olive oil and Vicks Vapor Rub.  Yes you read that right, Vicks Vapor Rub.  It seems to be working.  The rash is going away….slowly.  The only drawback is that you stink for a few hours.

So I am hoping this all works to get rid of the rash.  Will let you know if I am successful.

jon 20