Slowly Getting Back to Normal…

….well, as normal as I get anyway.

As you may recall I took a tumble about a month and a half ago. I screwed up the tendons in my left knee and it still gives me problems. But it is getting better slowly.

It also put a halt to my 2-3 mile daily walk. At first, I continued to try walking anyway, but the pain kicked my butt. I finally admitted defeat and rested for several days.

When I did start walking again, I began with half a mile every other day….sometimes only every third day. When I was able, I did the half mile every day.

Today I did a full mile. My knee is hurting and I will rest it on a heating pad and maybe use some Icy Hot on it later.

We will see if I can go a full mile tomorrow. If not, maybe just half a mile.

I am hoping to be back to my norm by Spring. Wish me luck.

PT 9

Everyone Should Knit Socks

When I am at a loss as to what to knit next, I usually end up casting on socks. They are usually easy and make a great carry along project.

Sometimes they are my “in-between” project. If I get bored with a larger project, I can always work on the socks. And before you can say, Snap, Crackle, Pop, I have a new pair of socks to wear.

Maybe all you knitters out there who have not yet made socks, should give it a go.

socks 1a

My Beliefs

Putting this out there. If your views differ, you are welcome to unfollow me. I guarantee I will not be offended.

I am a Christian, Conservative, Republican.

I believe in God/Jesus BEFORE and INSTEAD of Islam.

I believe our young men and women soldiers and our Veterans should come before illegals, sports players, actors or politicians.

I believe in the Right to Bear Arms.

I believe I have the right to defend myself and my family and my property against common thugs, religious fanatics, and political anarchists and terrorists.

I believe in what is Morally Right; NOT what is politically correct. If this offends you, I don’t care.

I believe one must work for what they want and should be allowed to keep what they have earned WITHOUT some politician telling me I have to share it with someone who is too lazy to even look for a job.

I believe Social Security is NOT an Entitlement. I paid into that EVERY DAY of my working life. It is Mine NOT some politician’s personal play money stash.

I believe we should have a balanced budget. If I am expected to live within my means, so should the government. STOP sending money to countries that hate us. They can hate us for free. STOP spending money on programs that give handouts instead of a hand up.

Make people accountable for their own actions/choices.

These are just a few things I feel strongly about. If you are a liberal and disagree with me, that is fine. That is your choice. That doesn’t make you a bad person, nor does it make me a bad person. It only means that we disagree with each other’s opinion.

bl 20

Classic Mittens

There is a free pattern on Ravelry, Classic Mittens No. 615. You can make mittens for all family members with this one pattern. You have a choice of using double pointed needles or two needles.

It is a quick easy pattern.  I, of course, always make some modifications to the patterns.  That’s just me.  I can’t leave well enough alone, LOL!

Here are pics of what I have done so far.

VT 3 cms 1 CMGB 1 cm 4A

Hillcrest Baptist Church, Ensley, Florida

As you all know, I walk my dog daily.  I tend to vary my routes to keep from being bored.  One of my routes takes me by Hillcrest Baptist Church, Ensley, Florida.  I  usually cut through their back parking lot (paved area) to avoid the high traffic on the side road and major road along the front.  It is just safer.

I also have my dog on a short leash and I carry “deposit” bags and clean up after her…always.

Today, I encountered an older woman exiting her car.  When she noticed me, she glared at me…not just stare, but glared as if I was a 3 headed demon.

I waved and smiled.  She did not reciprocate.  She glared a bit longer then turned and headed for the church.

I posted this encounter on FB and stated that this would put me off of ever visiting this church.  I also stated that if the church preferred that I didn’t cut through their parking lot, to please let me know.  So we shall see if I get a response.

Anyway, just a “hmmmmmmmm……” moment.  What would you do?

g 2a

ETA:  No response as of yet. 10-01-2015

Surviving a Tumble

First, a little background.  I walk my dog, Bella, every morning, early.  She is not a friendly dog so I try to get going just as the light is peaking on the horizon.  We usually walk 2-3 miles, depending on what is going on during the week that needs to be taken care of.

Last weekend, Sunday to be exact, We were working on a 4 mile walk.  I was pumped about being able to do that especially since I am not an athletic person nor am I a spring chicken.

Right at the 3 mile mark, Bella and I ran into a neighbor who also walks for her health.  We stopped and chatted for a bit.  (Bella likes her)

Anyway when we parted ways, I continued on down the road and then progressed to the sidewalk to get out of the way of traffic.  I had not gone very far when it happened.  As I said I was pumped about reaching 4 miles. So I was checking my phone to see how far I had gone (got an app for that) when I tripped on some uneven pavement.  Both hands were full. One held my phone and the other held the leash and doggy treats.

I could not react fast enough to catch myself and did a full face plant on the concrete.  I kissed the sidewalk rather aggressively.  Bella looked at me like I had lost my mind. She could not understand why I was face down on the walkway.

I got up as quickly as these old bones would allow and gingerly tested my ability to move.  I was still about a mile from my house.  My mouth was hurting, my knees were hurting, my arms and back were hurting.

I could have chickened out and called my hubby to come get me.  But I knew if I did not move I would be in more pain later than I was right then.  So I finished the walk.

Of course I set the phone camera on “selfie” mode so I could see how much I was bleeding and how badly my face was injured.  There wasn’t as much blood as I thought there would be probably due to the instant swelling of the lip.  My teeth did make a nice little gash on the inside of my mouth, though.  So I held a Kleenex to my face and continued on.

Once I got home, I started drinking ice water and applying ice to my face.  I should have just dumped ice in the bath tub and soaked for a few hours, LOL!

I’m still sore 4 days later, but it is getting better.  I’m still walking each morning, just not as fast or a far…just yet.  But I’ll get back up there soon.


No, not going to show a pic of my bloody face.  You really don’t want to see that.  Have a great day.


There, I’ve admitted it.  I just can’t pass up a good deal on yarn…. or a good color…..or a great fluffiness…..or a silky feeling yarn …..or a wool yarn…..

Well, you get the picture.  I have more yarn than I could ever use in a lifetime.  I need to downsize it.  Will I ever do that????  Probably, not.  I like to look at it, I like the way it feels, I like to think of all the possibilities it represents.

I’ve had some yarns for years and eventually I use it to create something great.  Sometimes the yarn tells me what it wants to be and sometimes I try to force it to be something it is not.  Then I end up with something gawd awwwfullll  UGLY!

Some yarn is just clown barf.  It doesn’t matter what you try to make, it still looks like a clown barfed it up 3 times over.

And sometimes you come across some yarn that is just perfect for a certain thing you want to knit/crochet.  It doesn’t belong in any other pattern or plan you have but just that one thing.

I found some Vanna’s Tapestry yarn.  It is perfect for mittens.  It even looks good as a scarf or socks, but it is definitely great for mittens.

VT 3

This would look awful in a sweater (at least to me).

Then there is this yarn, Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable.  I’ve tried it in other patterns…mehhh…did not look good. But as this shawl, it looks great.

SR 3

Then there is this yarn, Knit Picks Chroma Worsted.  It is great in this shawl. Tried it in a sweater and frogged it.  Not good in a sweater.

mss 3 a

Anyway, I guess I will always be a yarn addict.  I just love it!  It makes me happy.