Newfie Gloves

I really enjoy making Newfie Mittens.  But recently I was wondering if there was a corresponding glove pattern.

I searched several different places but was unable to find one. So I had to come up with one on my own.

I am posting here what I did to accomplish this project so that you can also make them if you wish.

Newfie gloves



Newfie Gloves
Please if you have never knit gloves before, try a simpler pattern before doing this one.  This pattern assumes that you have experience knitting gloves.
Fingering yarn in 2 different colors, i.e. verigated and solid, contrasting each other
US 2 (2.75mm) double pointed needles
k = knit
s = slip
p = purl
Increase stitches:
kfb = knit into the front and then the back of the designated stitch
m1 inc = lift bar between 2 stitches, from the back and place on left hand needle.  Knit through the back of this new stitch
p1 inc = lift bar between 2 stitches, from the back and place on left hand needle. Purl through the front of this new stitch
Pattern 1: *k4, s2*,  repeat to end of row
Pattern 2: k1, s2, *k4, s2*, repeat to last 3 stitches, k3
With varigated yarn, cast on 64 stitches.  Join and k2 p2 until cuff measures 3 inches, increasing 2 stitches in last round (66 stitches).
Attach solid color yarn and work 5 rounds of Pattern 1.
Purl 2 rounds with varigated yarn.
With solid color yarn work 5 rounds of Pattern 2.
Purl 2 rounds with varigated yarn.
Thumb gusset (worked on round 1 of pattern 1 in example below):
Now comes a tricky part. With solid color yarn, m1 inc, k1, m1 inc. Place marker at this point.  (3 thumb gusset stitches before marker)
kfb into next stitch so that you will have the same number of stitches you had before beginning the thumb gusset (66 stiches not counting any of the thumb gusset stitches)
Alternate Pattern 1 and Pattern 2 (5 rounds each) and at the same time increase the thumb gusset every third round until you have 17 stitches before the marker.
Pattern 1
round 1  increase thumb gusset as described above (3 stitches)
round 2
round 3
round 4 increase thumb gusset m1 inc at beginning of gusset and again before marker (5 stitches)
round 5
Purl one round with varigated yarn, including gusset stitches
p1 inc at beginning of gusset and again before marker, with varigated.  Continue purling to end of round.
Just remember that if you have to increase the gusset on a knit round (solid color yarn) you will  m1 inc and if it is on a purl round, you will p1 inc.
Once you have 17 stitches before the marker, work 2 round, then slip them to waste yarn or ribbon.
Continue  in pattern until you have completed a total of 10 patterns or desired length to fingers.
Break verigated yarn leaving a long tail to weave in later.
Beginning with index finger pick up 16 stitches and cast on 2.  Divide on three needles and knit until yarn is just one round above fingertip.
Decrease in this manner:  K1, K2tog around.
K2tog around.  Cut yarn and thread through loops and secure.
Continue in this manner:
Middle finger: 18 stitches + pick up 2 stitches (20), remembering to pick up at least one stitch from index finger.
Ring finger: 16 stitches + pick up 2 stitches (18), remembering to pick up at least one stitch from Middle finger.
Pinky:  16 stitches + pick up 2 stitches from Ring finger.
Knit all fingers as you did for index finger.
Thumb: 17 stitches + 3 stitches at hand part of glove.  Knit as for index finger and finsh off accordingly.
Repeat for 2nd glove.


Internet Trolls

We have all seen their handiwork, their negative responses to every post made on any kind of social media, be it Facebook or any blog site or community forum.

It must be a disease afflicting lonely, self absorbed people who can find no other way to draw attention to themselves than to belittle others in a weak and vain attempt to sound so much more important than they are.

How pathetic and empty their lives must be.  They deserve pity, but nothing more.

They should not be responded to, nor should their posts be allowed to remain.

I decided a long time ago that negative responses to my posts on my Facebook page or blog would not be tolerated.  They will be deleted/blocked ASAP.  Meaning as soon as I see it, it is gone AND reported as SPAM, etc.

My advice:  Don’t let some Internet Troll control you or what you write.  Eliminate their posts and don’t respond to them.  They can’t stand the “non-attention”.

internet troll

WOW! What A Weekend…Not Good!

Wednesday was a normal day for us as a retired couple.  Ran our errands, did our grocery shopping, etc.  Thursday was a different story.

Hubby is a diabetic.  He woke up Thursday not feeling good. This is normal for him. He has good days and not so good days.  This day he was feeling sick.  Well that was ok because he had an appointment out at the VA clinic with his diabetic doctor.  As the morning progressed, he felt worse. He had nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  He said he was not going to his appointment because he felt bad.  I, being a retired nurse, told him he needed to go.  Him, being a man and stubbornness being ingrained in his DNA, refused.  He canceled his appointment.

I was angry to say the least and let him know.  Not a good idea.  That just increased his stubbornness.

By the end of the day I was telling him he needed to go to the hospital.  He flat out refused.

He wasn’t eating but was drinking water.  I offered all kinds of stomach soothing foods, but he would have none of it.

Friday arrives and there is no improvement.  I keep insisting that he needs to go to the hospital to no avail.  By Friday evening I’m desperate!  I know something is terribly wrong. But he is more and more adamant about not going.

I ended up calling my oldest who is a 911 dispatcher/supervisor at work.  He left work and came immediately to the house.  Hubby gave him no argument about getting in his car and going to the ER.

He was taken back almost immediately, thanks to paramedics my son knows.

They did lab work and started IV’s (2).  Doc came in and assessed him  Blood sugar, according to a finger stick was high, same as what we got at home.

Blood sugar per lab values was 722. Doc told him he was in diabetic ketoacidosis, a life threatening condition, that causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and confusion/personality changes.  They started an insulin drip and gave him 3 liters of IV normal saline to help flush some of that sugar  from his system.

Finally he was transferred to ICU on the insulin drip.  He remained in ICU all of Saturday and most of Sunday.  By evening, he had been transferred to a floor.

He doesn’t remember much of what happened Friday.  He knows he went to the hospital, but that’s about it.  He should be discharged today (Monday) or tomorrow.

The purpose of this post is for all of you out there dealing with a loved one who is a diabetic.  Call for help if you know something is not right, regardless of what the diabetic is telling you.  Call a family member or the police or paramedics.  Better safe than sorry.

ETA:  He came home yesterday evening. Still not 100%. Working on that.

VP 6

Kitten in the House

A while back my son and I were out walking my dog, Bella.  While on our walk, Bella alerted us to something behind us.  She just kept trying to go back the way we came.  I looked in that direction but did not spot what she was so intent on investigating.  But my son did.  It was a tiny little kitten hidden in the grass and shade.

We did check with nearby neighbors to see if anyone had lost a kitten, but no one claimed her.  So we brought her home.

Needless to say my 4 other cats (much older than the kitten) were NOT happy.  They took to hissing and spitting at her, with an occasional slap in there, but nothing that would seriously hurt her.  One would have thought as the months went by that she would have learned to give the older cats some space.  But no, that is not the case.  This kitten is stubborn and persistent.  The only one who likes her is the dog.  They do play together.

But the older cats hide from her.  They usually find a place where she can’t get or is totally unaware of.

One of my older kitties, Priscilla, has found a unique place to hide.  I noticed her this morning when I went to prepare breakfast. I had to take a picture and share.  She seems so content.  I didn’t have the heart to disturb her.  And yes, I know I’ll have to wash those bowls.  Such is life with pets.

CC 1

Slowly Getting Back to Normal…

….well, as normal as I get anyway.

As you may recall I took a tumble about a month and a half ago. I screwed up the tendons in my left knee and it still gives me problems. But it is getting better slowly.

It also put a halt to my 2-3 mile daily walk. At first, I continued to try walking anyway, but the pain kicked my butt. I finally admitted defeat and rested for several days.

When I did start walking again, I began with half a mile every other day….sometimes only every third day. When I was able, I did the half mile every day.

Today I did a full mile. My knee is hurting and I will rest it on a heating pad and maybe use some Icy Hot on it later.

We will see if I can go a full mile tomorrow. If not, maybe just half a mile.

I am hoping to be back to my norm by Spring. Wish me luck.

PT 9

Everyone Should Knit Socks

When I am at a loss as to what to knit next, I usually end up casting on socks. They are usually easy and make a great carry along project.

Sometimes they are my “in-between” project. If I get bored with a larger project, I can always work on the socks. And before you can say, Snap, Crackle, Pop, I have a new pair of socks to wear.

Maybe all you knitters out there who have not yet made socks, should give it a go.

socks 1a