Kitten in the House

A while back my son and I were out walking my dog, Bella.  While on our walk, Bella alerted us to something behind us.  She just kept trying to go back the way we came.  I looked in that direction but did not spot what she was so intent on investigating.  But my son did.  It was a tiny little kitten hidden in the grass and shade.

We did check with nearby neighbors to see if anyone had lost a kitten, but no one claimed her.  So we brought her home.

Needless to say my 4 other cats (much older than the kitten) were NOT happy.  They took to hissing and spitting at her, with an occasional slap in there, but nothing that would seriously hurt her.  One would have thought as the months went by that she would have learned to give the older cats some space.  But no, that is not the case.  This kitten is stubborn and persistent.  The only one who likes her is the dog.  They do play together.

But the older cats hide from her.  They usually find a place where she can’t get or is totally unaware of.

One of my older kitties, Priscilla, has found a unique place to hide.  I noticed her this morning when I went to prepare breakfast. I had to take a picture and share.  She seems so content.  I didn’t have the heart to disturb her.  And yes, I know I’ll have to wash those bowls.  Such is life with pets.

CC 1

Slowly Getting Back to Normal…

….well, as normal as I get anyway.

As you may recall I took a tumble about a month and a half ago. I screwed up the tendons in my left knee and it still gives me problems. But it is getting better slowly.

It also put a halt to my 2-3 mile daily walk. At first, I continued to try walking anyway, but the pain kicked my butt. I finally admitted defeat and rested for several days.

When I did start walking again, I began with half a mile every other day….sometimes only every third day. When I was able, I did the half mile every day.

Today I did a full mile. My knee is hurting and I will rest it on a heating pad and maybe use some Icy Hot on it later.

We will see if I can go a full mile tomorrow. If not, maybe just half a mile.

I am hoping to be back to my norm by Spring. Wish me luck.

PT 9