Dead/Alive Fish MITTENS!! Yeah!

I did it! I finally came up with mittens to match my dead/alive fish hat! And it’s is so SIMPLE!

First choose your favorite BASIC mitten pattern. I chose an after-thought-thumb, round top mitten and knitted the basic mitten in colors to match the fish hat. Then I added eyes and fins.

Eyes can be crocheted or buttons or felt, whatever you want. Sew on about 1 inch from tip of mitten.

For the Dorsal fin, I cast on 10 stitches, knitted one row, then increased in each stitch for a total of 20 stitches. Then Knit 1 Purl l for 5 rows. Bind off. Sew to center of mitten about 1 inch away from eyes. The Pectoral fins are a cast on of 5 stitches. Knit 1 row. Then increase in each stitch for a total of 10 stitches. Knit 1 Purl 1 for 5 rows. Bind off. Make 2. Sew to sides about 1 inch back from beginning of Dorsal fin.

Simple and cute!

Don’t have enough of this particular yarn to finish the second mitten. Will try to find some, but may not be able to as it is discontinued. Anyway working on another hat and I will have enough yarn to make matching mittens and maybe even a scarf.

3rd Dead/Alive Fish Hat

I told you these were addicting!

I would say if you are a knitter and haven’t tried this, but want to….Go For It! It’s a lot of fun.

If you are a beginner at knitting, Go ahead and try this. You can always look up what you don’t understand on YouTube and Ravelry and Knitting Pattern Central.

If you are wanting to learn to knit, I hope you are lucky enough to have a friend available on line or in your immediate circle willing and able to teach you.

If you only crochet or don’t do any fiber arts at all, maybe you are lucky enough to have a knitting friend willing to knit one for you. But remember to show your appreciation for their efforts. “Thank yous” and “hugs” and maybe a little card would be much appreciated, by your friend.

Anyway, here is the 3rd one…this one is alive too.

Fish Hat…This One is ALIVE!

These hats are addicting. Had to make another one. Only this time I made it “alive”. I added crocheted eyes and a little stuffing to make the eyes pop. I used Knit Picks Chroma Worsted yarn for this fish and size 7 circular needles 16 inches long. I found it is much easier to do the short rows on circular needles than on double points. Of course as I went along and the width of the fish got smaller, I had to change to double points.

I also knitted the tail fins in the round and Kitchener stitched the opening closed. Then I knitted the dorsal and pectoral fins separately and sewed them on.

Rain, Rain Go Away……

It rained all day here yesterday…13+ inches! And it’s still raining!

Went to Taco Bell to pick up some tacos for dinner. Their parking lot was flooded, but not too bad. I managed to drive my car up to the drive thru. Thought for a minute I might have to get the oars out and start rowing. Knowing me, I would have just rowed myself around in circles.

Some places had it worse than my neighborhood. Several streets were closed due to flooding. Thank goodness one can get most places here by using an alternate route.

If it keeps raining at this rate I may have to build an ark or at the least buy a houseboat to live on. Soon we won’t be able to tell the streets from the rivers and the Gulf.

Borrowed from Facebook:

Dead Fish Hat

I found a pattern on Knitty for a fish hat and decided to try my hand at making the thing. It has short row shaping which I had a hard time understanding until I did this pattern. I used some acrylic yarn I had on hand. Didn’t want to use my expensive wool yarn until I could be sure I wouldn’t have any difficulty making it. I do plan on making another one using Knit Picks Chroma Worsted in Pool Party colorway.

If you want to try this pattern, just copy and paste the link below for the pattern.