Got a New Driver’s License Today

Had to get a new driver’s license today. My birthday is only a few weeks away and I didn’t want to wait until it was too late….extra fee if you’re late.

Well, this state is requiring all kinds of ID for a new license. Then you get a little star on your driver’s license which signifies that you are who you say you are.

I had to bring:

Old driver’s license
Birth certificate
Marriage License
Social Security Card
Voter Registration card
2 pieces of mail addressed to me

And after all that I am now OFFICIALLY me! Glad to know I’m not somebody else.


I’ve reached an age where I get tired of carrying a purse everywhere I go. Why do I do it? Habit I suppose.

Just like all women, I learned at an early age that I “needed” a purse for all the little things I “might” need during any given time away from the house. It’s ingrained in me to carry one.

When I go to work, it stays locked away from prying eyes until I leave. So why do I bother to bring it? Heaven only knows. I don’t even get my wallet out or my checkbook for that matter. I have a little change purse that I carry some cash in, a couple of credit cards, drivers license, and a debit card. That stays in my pocket as well as my keys.

I carry the purse when I go grocery shopping. Again, why? I don’t use a check when I get groceries. I only use the debit card and I don’t subtract my purchases from the checkbook until I get home. That purse stays on my shoulder the entire time and I don’t use it.

I do keep a camera in my purse, but I don’t use that unless I am going someplace specific to take pics. So why is that there?

I’ve come to the conclusion that a purse is an outdated accessory that needs to be relegated to a history museum. I plan on giving mine up. Less possibility of shoulder or back injury or theft. Heaven knows identity theft abounds. But if I don’t carry a purse, then any potential thief won’t have anything to steal.

Maybe you should rethink your purse too.

P.S. Here’s some useful information about what NOT to carry in your purse or wallet.

Cutting My Hair

My hair was down past my waist and today I got it cut short.

There are several reasons why I did this. I’m not a spring chicken any more. Time for the long hair to go. It should be easier to deal with too.

Another reason is it can be used to make wigs for kids who suffer from hair loss due to medical reasons. I sent it to Locks of Love. So I feel good about that.

If any of you out there with long hair are considering cutting it short, please think of donating it to Locks of Love. They do have a website with their address and a donation form you can print out.