New Sewing Machine-Viking, not Janome.

Yes, I’ve been looking at sewing machines.  I checked out the Janome 7700 on line.  Then saw a blog that listed the price at $3000.  WHEW!  It had better clean house, do the dishes, wash and dry clothes, fold them and put them away at that price!

Then I checked out the Viking line of sewing machines.  Still pricey!    I have been by our local dealers of Janome and Viking and I have to say the Viking folks are way friendlier.

While in the Janome store, I got the feeling I was an intruder, an inconvenience, something to be barely tolerated.  Not a good way to influence potential buyers.  Are you listening Janome?  Perhaps you should choose your sales people with a little more thought.

Now when I went by the Viking dealership, I was treated as an old, long lost friend. The sales person was friendly, knowledgeable  and enjoyed showing me what the Viking could do.  I was impressed!

Needless to say I got my new sewing machine from Viking..a Sapphire 875 to be exact.

I’m still learning how to use it, but so far I LOVE it!  I have made a few simple things on it already.  A set of placemats and napkins and a pincushion.

Just a little thought for all you sewing machine salespeople out there:  How you treat your potential customers  will make the difference in a sale or no sale.