4 More Working Days

….and then I am officially retired. I can hardly wait.

I’ve been working since I was 16 years old. During my high school years I did summer jobs and holiday jobs. When I graduated from high school I went to work full time at the home office of Holiday Inns in Memphis as a receptionist. I advanced to a secretarial position in the Treasury Department of Holiday Inns, typing spreadsheets and balance sheets, etc.

I got married while I was there. Still married to the same guy, BTW. We lived in an apartment to begin with, then moved to some property with a trailer.

When my dad died, my mom decided to move to Florida. Hubby and I were going through a rough patch at the time. So we decided to move with her. Start new, start fresh. It wasn’t long after we moved, that mom got sick. She was finally diagnosed with terminal cancer. We lived with her until she died, less than 6 months from the time she was diagnosed.

After she died, I went back to school for nursing. I had been impressed by the care she had received at the hospital. I didn’t work during this time, although you could call going to nursing school work. It wasn’t easy. I passed my boards and went to work at a local hospital.

I’ve worked at 2 hospitals, a doctor’s office and a nursing home during this time. Now I’m almost 62, next month I’ll be 62. I’m tired, tired of working, tired of having to make a living, tired of working at the whim and command of others. It’s time to do things I want to do, when I want to do them. Go to bed when I want and get up when I want.

Oh don’t worry, I’ll have enough to keep me busy. I have enough yarn and fabric and books to last 3 lifetimes. And I can pinch pennies with the best of them. I’ll save for little trips to far away places…well maybe not so far, but still a trip nonetheless. I also plan to do some yearly volunteer work at our local Fair. That’s only 1 week a year. I think I can handle that.

So what plans have you got for retirement?


Yesterday was my first day of retirement after working all nite. So I slept off and on all day. Today is my second day of retirement and I have things to do regarding 401K’s.


Budgies At The Zoo

This past Sunday, my youngest son and I decided to go to our local zoo. We especially wanted to visit the budgie exhibit.

We got in the car and drove the 45 minutes to the zoo. Paid our entry fees and bought some budgie sticks…little sticks with bird seed on them.

We made our way around the park with our cameras taking pictures along the way. Eventually we made it to the budgie exhibit. We opened the door and went through the sheets of heavy plastic that hang at the entrance and exit to keep the budgies from escaping. Several of the birds immediately landed on us looking for food. When we brought out the budgie sticks, we were MOBBED! I couldn’t stop laughing. They are such colorful and entertaining little birds.

Here’s some pics of these little critters.

zoo 2013 015a

zoo 2013 020a

zoo 2013 025a