The Inevitable Weight Gain After Weight Loss

It happens to the best of us. We will at some point gain some weight back after losing some. For some of us it is a little weight gain and for others of us it is more. Either way, it is a depressing place to find yourself.

I have gained about 10 pounds back. And I am not happy about it. So what do I need to do about it?

First, I need to analyze WHY I gained some weight back. Did I slack off on my exercise? No. Did I go back to my old eating habits? No. Then what was it? I quit smoking!! Which, in turn, lead to the munchies…more calories, even though healthy food, added to the weight gain.

Second, WHAT can I do about it? I need to get the munchies under control. Harder than it seems, but not impossible. I need to choose my snacks more wisely. Again, difficult, but not impossible. I need to perhaps add more exercise, especially when I feel a munchie craving coming on. I need to try diversion tactics.

The most important thing I need to do is NOT BEAT MYSELF UP OVER THE WEIGHT GAIN. It’s just another obstacle to overcome and I WILL overcome it. I won’t let this setback defeat me. Don’t let yours defeat you either.

See you on the good side of healthy.


Death and Our Worlds

The recent death of an online friend got me to thinking about my two worlds. Yes, you read that right…two worlds. I have a physical world, the one I live in, eat in, sleep in, breathe in, take care of daily chores in, drive in, etc., and my cyber world, the one I have accounts in, friends in, places I visit, write in, dream in, think in, etc.

I have no doubt my family could take care of things in my physical world, but what about my cyber world? Who has my passwords? Who knows my cyber friends? Who knows what places I visit frequently? No one! And I need to change that. I need to make a list of my “places and friends”, passwords and wishes, so that all can be notified when I pass on from this world to the next. I need to make it as easy as possible for my family when this happens. It will be hard enough for them just to deal with funeral business and things in the physical world. I definitely don’t need to burden them with other hardships in the cyber world.

Have you got your lists made? Do you have someone designated to handle your cyber world when you leave the physical one?

It is definitely something to think about.

Camping n fair ribbons 016

Dear Seller…….

Occasionally, I buy things on line. Sometimes, it’s from Amazon, or Etsy, or eBay. Sometimes, its from Sears or Walmart. I rarely, I repeat, rarely have problems. BUT, SOMETIMES….I run into those sellers whose practices leave a lot to be desired.

I pay immediately. It’s simple to me. If I want to buy something, then I should have the money right then and pay right then. And I expect sellers to respond accordingly.

Let me list the things I expect from my sellers:

I expect good COMMUNICATION. If there is a problem with the item I have ordered, send me an email ASAP and give me the option to cancel that order.

I expect prompt MAILING. I pay immediately, so I expect my item to be mailed within 48 hours. I do not expect to have to wait 5, 7 or 10 days before you decide to mail my item. I should have had that item in my hands by then. I know the approximate mailing times from any given location to my location.

I expect appropriate PACKAGING. If the item is fragile, wrap it so that it will not break during transit. If it is a small item, don’t put it in a box as big as a doghouse.

I expect no SUBSTITUTES. Do Not Substitute without contacting me first. There may be a specific reason I have ordered that item and cannot accept a substitute.

I expect to receive my ITEM. Do Not think that just because it is “lost” in the mail, you are no longer responsible. Because that is not the case! I will file the appropriate complaints and charge-backs, if I do not receive my item.

Just a heads up for you sub-standard sellers out there. Improve your customer service or you will find yourself out of business.


Adult Content or Not, Offensive or Not

Recently, I found a pattern on Ravelry for mittens that I thought was hilarious. I posted a link to it on one of the groups I’m in on that site.

Well to make a long story short, someone got offended because they weren’t warned that it was adult content. So I had the whole thread removed. Then they came in and said they didn’t mean to have the thread removed, blah, blah, blah. Lesson learned. I will post a header that it is adult content.

Anyway, this is what I found. Be warned! This is adult content and this is my blog. I don’t care if you find this offensive. You don’t have to look. I think it’s funny and that is all that matters to me.


Beer Helping Ugly People Have Sex

blm 1a

These blue and black mitts turned out to be a bit small for oldest son, so I am working on a new pair using larger needles. These should be just the right size for him. Here’s a pic of the first one (done).