Washer and Dryer, Old versus New

About 6 1/2 years ago we bought one of those washer/dryer combos (the washer on the bottom and the dryer on the top). Well a few months ago the dryer died, never to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. The washer has been hanging on to its dead companion, quietly mourning its demise.

Today we went to Sears and bought a new washer and dryer (separate, not a combo), and they will be delivered Wednesday.

The old washer/dryer will be escorted to washer/dryer heaven where they will spend eternity in loving embrace, recalling fond memories of “wet” nights and “hot” days.


3rd Dead/Alive Fish Hat

I told you these were addicting!

I would say if you are a knitter and haven’t tried this, but want to….Go For It! It’s a lot of fun.

If you are a beginner at knitting, Go ahead and try this. You can always look up what you don’t understand on YouTube and Ravelry and Knitting Pattern Central.

If you are wanting to learn to knit, I hope you are lucky enough to have a friend available on line or in your immediate circle willing and able to teach you.

If you only crochet or don’t do any fiber arts at all, maybe you are lucky enough to have a knitting friend willing to knit one for you. But remember to show your appreciation for their efforts. “Thank yous” and “hugs” and maybe a little card would be much appreciated, by your friend.

Anyway, here is the 3rd one…this one is alive too.

Dead Fish Hat

I found a pattern on Knitty for a fish hat and decided to try my hand at making the thing. It has short row shaping which I had a hard time understanding until I did this pattern. I used some acrylic yarn I had on hand. Didn’t want to use my expensive wool yarn until I could be sure I wouldn’t have any difficulty making it. I do plan on making another one using Knit Picks Chroma Worsted in Pool Party colorway.

If you want to try this pattern, just copy and paste the link below for the pattern.