Hubby Now Has a Cane

Yesterday we had to go out to the VA clinic as hubby had an appointment with the prosthetic department.  They issued him a cane due to the weakness and pain he has in his right leg (old wound from Vietnam).

They showed him how to use it and watched him walk with it for a bit before letting us go on our way.

I did ask about getting a handicapped parking permit for him as it will make it easier for him to get to and from buildings, such as the VA or grocery store or even a restaurant.  Was told that the DMV has the necessary forms that he will fill out part of and then his doctor will take care of the rest.

He’s learning that he now has to do things one handed, which in some cases will require more than one trip to accomplish a task.  This will make his independence a little more challenging but I am all about him keeping as much independence as possible.

So here’s to learning new ways of moving and maintaining independence.




Walking Thru The Pain

About 9 months ago, I had a fall while I was out walking.  I managed to screw up the tendons and ligaments in both knees.  For several months I could barely get around.  I had to use a brace for awhile on my left knee for any extended walking/standing that I had to do.

I also had exercises I had to do to maintain some mobility in both knees.

Walking was painful, standing was painful.  But I kept at it.  I persevered.  I ploughed thru all the pain.  Applied hot and cold compresses as necessary.

I would love to say that everything is back to the way it was, but that is not the case.  Yes, I can walk for longer periods of time and for longer distances.  But the pain is still there ….at least in one knee and sometimes in both.  It is not as severe.  I have found the more I walk, the less  pain I have  during the day.

Cold affects the knee joints.  Sometimes you will see me in sweatpants in the middle of the summer.  They provide warmth to my knees while the AC is cooling the house.

Rain affects the knee joints.  Both knees tend to ache continuously while there is rain in our area.

Sitting for too long at a time causes the knee joints to get stiff and requires stretching  before getting up.

I have found that I can’t totally straighten my left knee or bend it completely causing me to walk with a slight limp.

But don’t feel sorry for me.  I am 65 years old and I am NOT in a wheel chair.  I am moving under my own steam, albeit, slowly.  It takes me longer to walk around the block, but I make it all the way around the block.  It takes me longer to do more now than it used to, but I still get it done.  I find I have to rest sometimes in between, but that’s ok.

If I move too slowly for you, then go around.  I promise I won’t be offended.  I may envy your mobility and your youth, your speed and your endurance.

So if you see me out walking, as you zip past me, give me a thumbs up.  Make an old lady feel good about her efforts to keep moving regardless of the pain.

senior walking

Slowly Getting Back to Normal…

….well, as normal as I get anyway.

As you may recall I took a tumble about a month and a half ago. I screwed up the tendons in my left knee and it still gives me problems. But it is getting better slowly.

It also put a halt to my 2-3 mile daily walk. At first, I continued to try walking anyway, but the pain kicked my butt. I finally admitted defeat and rested for several days.

When I did start walking again, I began with half a mile every other day….sometimes only every third day. When I was able, I did the half mile every day.

Today I did a full mile. My knee is hurting and I will rest it on a heating pad and maybe use some Icy Hot on it later.

We will see if I can go a full mile tomorrow. If not, maybe just half a mile.

I am hoping to be back to my norm by Spring. Wish me luck.

PT 9

Surviving a Tumble

First, a little background.  I walk my dog, Bella, every morning, early.  She is not a friendly dog so I try to get going just as the light is peaking on the horizon.  We usually walk 2-3 miles, depending on what is going on during the week that needs to be taken care of.

Last weekend, Sunday to be exact, We were working on a 4 mile walk.  I was pumped about being able to do that especially since I am not an athletic person nor am I a spring chicken.

Right at the 3 mile mark, Bella and I ran into a neighbor who also walks for her health.  We stopped and chatted for a bit.  (Bella likes her)

Anyway when we parted ways, I continued on down the road and then progressed to the sidewalk to get out of the way of traffic.  I had not gone very far when it happened.  As I said I was pumped about reaching 4 miles. So I was checking my phone to see how far I had gone (got an app for that) when I tripped on some uneven pavement.  Both hands were full. One held my phone and the other held the leash and doggy treats.

I could not react fast enough to catch myself and did a full face plant on the concrete.  I kissed the sidewalk rather aggressively.  Bella looked at me like I had lost my mind. She could not understand why I was face down on the walkway.

I got up as quickly as these old bones would allow and gingerly tested my ability to move.  I was still about a mile from my house.  My mouth was hurting, my knees were hurting, my arms and back were hurting.

I could have chickened out and called my hubby to come get me.  But I knew if I did not move I would be in more pain later than I was right then.  So I finished the walk.

Of course I set the phone camera on “selfie” mode so I could see how much I was bleeding and how badly my face was injured.  There wasn’t as much blood as I thought there would be probably due to the instant swelling of the lip.  My teeth did make a nice little gash on the inside of my mouth, though.  So I held a Kleenex to my face and continued on.

Once I got home, I started drinking ice water and applying ice to my face.  I should have just dumped ice in the bath tub and soaked for a few hours, LOL!

I’m still sore 4 days later, but it is getting better.  I’m still walking each morning, just not as fast or a far…just yet.  But I’ll get back up there soon.


No, not going to show a pic of my bloody face.  You really don’t want to see that.  Have a great day.

Starting the New Year Off Right!

Happy New YearI think I am starting the New Year of 2015 off on the right foot.  I got up this morning got on the treadmill for 35 minutes and walked the dog for 15.

I unsubscribed from some email junk that I had been meaning to eliminate for awhile now. I also evaluated some of the groups I belong to and un-joined some.  One in particular had become a playground for petty, high school, juvenile crap.  I am too old for that nonsense and life is too short to spend time dealing with that idiocy.

Plan to spend time learning new techniques in knitting, crocheting and quilting this year.  I’d like to try my hand at some things I previously considered too hard or too time consuming.  Who knows, I might become the Guru of Crafts. 🙂

What changes have you made or plan to make?

Gadgets for Weight Loss

What kind of gadgets do you use to help you with your weight loss?

I have a couple of things I use. One, I have a treadmill that I use on occasion. It’s a great machine, but it is really boring. I have taken to using a DVD player while walking on it, to distract myself from the monotony of exercising on it.

My latest gadget is a FitBit One tracker. It tracks the number of steps you take everyday, the number of calories you burn, whether or not you are going up stairs, etc. It is rechargeable and holds a charge for about 5 days. I like that…no running to the store to find batteries for it. It syncs with your computer, wirelessly, so you can get on their page and monitor your progress. It’s tiny and clips to your clothing. It also resets itself to zero at midnight. You can wear it to bed and monitor your sleep patterns. So far I don’t see a need for that as I’m retired and can take a nap if I don’t get my required number of hours.

My goal with newest little gadget is to reach 10,000 steps a day. I know I am far from that goal, but I plan on increasing my steps little by little.

I would really like to reach the point that it doesn’t matter what I eat/consume, my activity will outweigh/outnumber the calories taken in.

Wish me luck.

See ya on the good side of healthy.

fitbit one

Getting Re-motivated on My Healthy Journey

Since Thanksgiving of 2013, I have gained weight. That was due to over eating and, especially, eating things I should only eat in moderation, once in awhile. Our weather didn’t help as far as my walking regime is concerned. One day it’s freezing, the next it’s in the 60’s. Then it’s raining cats and dogs. Go figure.

Well, now it is time to get re-motivated. I’m starting off with trying to eat right and drink more water. Next are my kitchen sink exercises. These are exercises that can be done at the kitchen sink, especially good for older folks, like myself, who find it hard to get down on the floor and worse yet, get back up from the floor.

Place your hands on the rim, at each corner of the kitchen sink. Spread your feet to shoulder width apart. Now squat, only as far as you can go comfortably and get back up from comfortably. That may be only an inch or two to begin with. Do 9 squats.

Keeping your hand position maintained. Step back about a foot, keeping your feet shoulder width apart. Do 1 push up (lean in to the sink, bending your elbows, push out, straightening your arms).

Next, do 8 squats and 2 push ups. Then 7 squats and 3 push ups. Continue this way until you are doing 1 squat and 9 push ups.

Doesn’t seem like much, but believe me you will feel it later. This is especially good for older folks like myself, who are losing strength in their arms and legs.

My next goal is to get back up to par with my walking. Of course, here the weather during the winter is unpredictable. But I have no excuse. I do have a treadmill and I need to get on it.

Now that I have put my goals in print, hopefully, I’ll be able to stick to them.

Wishing you all good health.