Oldest Son’s Vacation

My oldest son just got back from a trip to Alaska and to Nevada.  He went to visit a friend who lives in Anchorage.

While he was there, they went camping for a few days.  Needless to say, he fell in love with Alaska.  He even submitted his resume for a job in his field.  But at this time there are no openings.

Later, he and his friend flew to Las Vegas, Nevada and enjoyed a few days seeing the sights and hitting a few casinos.

He flew back home on Friday and we picked him up at the airport.

He had to go back to work Saturday night.  Between Friday and Saturday, he got sick. So his work place would not let him stay.  They sent him to Urgent Care.  He was diagnosed with bronchitis, sinus and ear infections.   At least he will be off a few days, giving the antibiotics time to kick in.


Happy New Year!

Good Morning! and Happy New Year.  I hope this year will bring you many happy times, full of good fun and good friends.

I also hope this year will be better for you in every way.

Remember those who have passed and who have blessed you. Say a prayer for them and theirs.

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Kitten in the House

A while back my son and I were out walking my dog, Bella.  While on our walk, Bella alerted us to something behind us.  She just kept trying to go back the way we came.  I looked in that direction but did not spot what she was so intent on investigating.  But my son did.  It was a tiny little kitten hidden in the grass and shade.

We did check with nearby neighbors to see if anyone had lost a kitten, but no one claimed her.  So we brought her home.

Needless to say my 4 other cats (much older than the kitten) were NOT happy.  They took to hissing and spitting at her, with an occasional slap in there, but nothing that would seriously hurt her.  One would have thought as the months went by that she would have learned to give the older cats some space.  But no, that is not the case.  This kitten is stubborn and persistent.  The only one who likes her is the dog.  They do play together.

But the older cats hide from her.  They usually find a place where she can’t get or is totally unaware of.

One of my older kitties, Priscilla, has found a unique place to hide.  I noticed her this morning when I went to prepare breakfast. I had to take a picture and share.  She seems so content.  I didn’t have the heart to disturb her.  And yes, I know I’ll have to wash those bowls.  Such is life with pets.

CC 1

Naval Air Museum and Pensacola Lighthouse

Oldest and I took a little trip out to the Naval Air Museum and Pensacola Lighthouse yesterday.

We wandered around the two buildings looking at old and new planes, reading up on historical things as we went.

It was not crowded at all yesterday, which was nice.  We were able to walk around without bumping into other folks.  When we got a little hungry, we at lunch at the café in the museum.

If you are ever in this area and care to visit the museum, please do so. It is a fun, informative, worthwhile trip.  Free entry, by the way.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

ML 1 ML 2 ML 3 ML 4 ML 5 ML 6 ML 7 ML 8 ML 9 ML 10 ML 15 ML 16 ML 17 ML 18 ML 19 ML 21

A Trip to the Veterans Memorial Park and River Walk

Hubby and I decided to take a little trip out to the Veterans Memorial Park and River Walk.  It was a nice morning and we needed to get out for a bit.

There are several statues and many bricks representing the many military folks that have served our country.  Some are still living and some are not.

I took a few pictures of this beautiful and peaceful area.  Hope you enjoy them.

VP 1 VP 2 VP 3 VP 4 VP 5 VP 6 VP 7 VP 8 VP 9 VP 10 VP 11 VP 12

Super Moon

Youngest and I made an unplanned trip out last night to get a few shots of the Super Moon.

This is when the moon is full and closest to the Earth.

Our trip was poorly planned and we ended up at Wayside Park.  Not the best place to be at night. The area is a teen hangout and I’m sure there are some drug dealings going on.  Youngest kept an eye out for me while we were there.  We didn’t stay long.  Just long enough to take some pics and get the “H” out of Dodge.

I only had a couple of pics come out not blurred by other lights.  So I will share this one with you.

SM 1

There will be 1 more Super Moon this year.  Hopefully, we will plan our trip better next time.

A Little History Lesson from My Son

A few days ago, my son called for transportation as he had to put his car in the shop for repairs.

As I was taking him home, I asked him what it was he called the man-made land areas between Pensacola and Pace, where he lives.  He said it is called the Fill.

There are sections of land (filled in areas) connected by bridges that join Pensacola with Pace, Florida.

Once we crossed “the Fill”, he asked if I wanted a to take a little detour and learn a little history.  Of course, I said yes.

We took a right off Hwy 90 and went down to a little known park in Pace.  There he showed me the remnants of a dock where a ferry (actually a barge) would land to transport folks to and from the other side at $0.25 a person.   This was done only twice a day and handled by two crews as it was very tiring work.  This ferry went from the Pace side to the Pensacola side and landed in a small section of Pensacola called Ferry Pass.

The area is still called Ferry Pass. It has a volunteer fire department and a large hospital, along with multiple churches, stores and homes.

For you history buffs, check this out:


Here is a couple of photos on the Pace side of the remnants, still visible, of the old dock area.

fps 2

fps 3