Been Busy Since I Last Posted

We have been busy these past few months.  Had to get a few things done.

We got a handicapped parking hang tag for hubby as he can’t walk long distances or stand for extended periods of time.   Comes in handy when we have to go shopping.  Just an FYI, we only park in a designated spot when we are together.  If I am alone, I park in another spot and leave the handicapped place for those who need it.

One of my cats had kittens, her first litter and hopefully last.  She had them in the bed next to me. So that was extra work I had to do as far as cleaning goes.  They are now almost 8 weeks old.  She had 3 initially, but one was stillborn.

LF and kittens

Towards the end of March, I planted a garden.  Actually 2 small gardens near my blueberry bushes.  One with a few vegetables and the other with herbs.  Some I planted in pots.

veggies 2

Veggies – bell pepper, beans and tomatoes

herbs 2

Herbs – parsley, cilantro, basil, sage, mint, sorrel, rosemary, thyme, oregano.

The black thing you see is a soaker hose snaking its way through both gardens and the blueberry patch.

I keep the areas covered with leaves and pine straw that will eventually decompose and fertilize the gardens.  I also use vegetable waste, coffee grounds and egg shells.

I use a homemade bug killer on the plants when they are not blooming.  It’s made of Neem oil, water and dish detergent.  It is effective, but once the plants start producing buds, I have to be extra careful with it so as not to kill any bees.  We need our bees.

Well that’s what we’ve been up to.  Hope your last few months have been productive.





Photo Shoots

Every year I enter photos in our local Fair. I have won a few blue ribbons, but that’s not really a big deal. They do tend to give out quite a few ribbons here.

Anyway, I live in a sub-tropical, beach area. And one would think, “WOW! What an opportunity to take some fantastic shots of the beach and local attractions.” Yes, that is very easy to do here, BUT if you want to win a ribbon at the Fair here, you better pick a different subject altogether. Those judges are so sick of seeing photos of the beach or the lighthouse or the fort or the boats or the local, but nationally known gardens. Those type photos, no matter how great, won’t get you a ribbon.

Initially, I focused on close ups of animals. Last year, I did some still life type photos and was surprised to get a couple of blue ribbons. I’m going to try that again this year, just different subject matter. Wish me luck.

So if you are thinking of entering some photos in your local Fair, think long and hard on your subject matter. And good luck to you.



AZoo 5

butterfly 003Ablog

MZ group pic

Plans for My Birthday!

My birthday was yesterday. Another year older and another year wiser…maybe. LOL! Anyway, I made plans for the weekend. Told my family I wanted us all to go to Bellingrath Gardens for the day. Enjoy some roaming around the gardens and just relaxing. Taking a few pics. A short mini vacation so to speak.

I even requested a couple of vacation days from work and I got them. So I have a 4 day weekend. NICE!

The problem…it looks like the weather does NOT want to cooperate. Thunder storms and tornadoes are predicted. That does not make me happy. If I cancel and go the day after, no one else will be able to go due to work schedules. Bummer!

Well maybe I should count my blessings. I got some great birthday wishes from family and friends. Nice to have family and friends. Youngest got me a gift card for JoAnn’s Fabric store. So a little shopping is in order and their sale starts today. Oldest gave me a Sweet 16 birthday card … reverse the numbers and you’ll know my age. He has a warped sense of humor, gets that from me.

Well if we don’t get to go to the gardens, maybe we can all do it next month or the month after. Maybe I can even come up with some alternative “indoor” type plans. Just have to give it some thought….hmmm… wonder if this old brain is up to the task.

Bellingrath Gardens in the Spring

We visited Bellingrath Gardens just outside of Mobile, Alabama yesterday. It was a beautiful day and a fun visit.

It did reach up into the 80’s so it was a little warm but worth the effort. Of course, by the time we finished, my legs and hips were killing me and we were exhausted.

If you plan to visit, go in the Spring or Fall. Otherwise it is too hot and humid. There are places to sit along the way if you get tired and there are a few vending machines to get drinks, including water.

Here are some photos to entice you.