Starting the New Year Off Right!

Happy New YearI think I am starting the New Year of 2015 off on the right foot.  I got up this morning got on the treadmill for 35 minutes and walked the dog for 15.

I unsubscribed from some email junk that I had been meaning to eliminate for awhile now. I also evaluated some of the groups I belong to and un-joined some.  One in particular had become a playground for petty, high school, juvenile crap.  I am too old for that nonsense and life is too short to spend time dealing with that idiocy.

Plan to spend time learning new techniques in knitting, crocheting and quilting this year.  I’d like to try my hand at some things I previously considered too hard or too time consuming.  Who knows, I might become the Guru of Crafts. 🙂

What changes have you made or plan to make?



We all make mistakes, that’s a certainty. I think every quilt I have made has some sort of mistake in it. And this latest top is no exception.

Almost all of my points did NOT match up, but I persevered. In other words, I was too lazy to take it apart, so I embellished it. Don’t you love that word! I think it was invented by someone who made mistakes and would rather cover them up than fix them. Well that’s what I did… I covered them up with yo yos and added leaves for color. I plan to add a few more yo yos to this top before I actually quilt it.

I think I like that word, “embellish”. I may use it more often….on other, future mistakes. I’m sure there will be plenty. 🙂


OMG!! This puppy can howl! I didn’t know such a tiny little thing could reach such an extreme volume! The neighbors probably think she is dying!

Let me explain. I have my sewing machine in the kitchen on the table. It provides a large enough space for quilting.

I also have a baby gate separating the kitchen from the living room…to keep the puppy out of the kitchen and ultimately out of the cats’ food bowl, which she, BTW, is more fond of than her own food. It also provides a sanctuary for the cats when they want to get away from the “let’s chase the cats and have fun” attitude of the puppy. Can you believe a 15 pound cat is terrified of a 4 pound puppy?

So what happens when I go in the kitchen to sew or quilt and shut the gate behind me, leaving the puppy looking in? The HOWLING begins! OMG! It is deafening!

I have learned that I have to be patient and wait until the little bugger is sleeping. Then I can sew. The noise doesn’t wake her, thank goodness.

Right now she is at my feet, jumping up, trying to get me to pick her up. I read somewhere that Westies are not lap dogs. Someone forgot to tell her that.