Super Moon

Youngest and I made an unplanned trip out last night to get a few shots of the Super Moon.

This is when the moon is full and closest to the Earth.

Our trip was poorly planned and we ended up at Wayside Park.  Not the best place to be at night. The area is a teen hangout and I’m sure there are some drug dealings going on.  Youngest kept an eye out for me while we were there.  We didn’t stay long.  Just long enough to take some pics and get the “H” out of Dodge.

I only had a couple of pics come out not blurred by other lights.  So I will share this one with you.

SM 1

There will be 1 more Super Moon this year.  Hopefully, we will plan our trip better next time.


7 thoughts on “Super Moon

  1. I adore this photograph. It is beautiful. A friend of mine told me the last super moon she went out with her parents and they couldn’t get to see it as well as they wanted to. I think that the weather was definitely on your side and of course a lot of planning.

    • Thank you. There is supposed to be another one On September 27 this year. One on November 14, 2016 and December 3, 2017. So maybe your friend can get a good photo then.

  2. I saw this man and commented on it, but I didn’t know it was a super moon. So beautiful. I’m glad you caught the shot.

    • There should be another one next month on the 27th. Hope to plan a little better for that one.

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