My oldest son decided he was going to be one of the Three Muskateers for Halloween this year. And he ordered a pattern for the shirt from McCalls.

Now he didn’t tell me about it until AFTER the pattern came in the mail. I had a pretty good idea it was something he wanted me to sew, especially when I saw the return address on the envelope.

Being the kind, sweet mother that I am, I told him he would have to go fabric shopping with me and he would have to pay for the fabric. Now what could be better than to go fabric shopping and have someone else pay for it!! My kind of deal!

We picked out some very nice white cotton broadcloth for the shirt. We even got a yard more than the pattern called for. Good thing too, because it took almost all of it.

I cut the shirt out this past Wednesday, but didn’t get to sewing on it until today. It took me all day to sew this shirt. There are bunches of gathers at the sleeve cuff and top arm area. The sleeve itself is wide enough to be used as a skirt. Then there are gathers at the bottom of the yoke piece.

It turned out rather nice, if I do say so myself. 🙂



  1. AAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAA!!!!! I want it. I want it. I haven’t even read your copy. As soon as the photo appeared I began coveting it. Well, in a smaller woman-type size of course. I priced a pirates costume at the store and it was $60 for a shorty outfit and a thin lace up bodice piece. Okay. I read why you made it. I’d say he owes you big-time. Demand all the chocolate he’ll get trick o treating.

  2. LOL! He’s a little old for trick or treating. He and my other son usually enter a costume contest at a local bar and then there’s a “haunted house” walk they go to downtown. Everyone dresses for the occassion.

    If you sew, Barb, it is an older McCalls pattern, that can be found on their website. It’s not a difficult pattern, but it is time consuming due to the amount of fabric required to make it.

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