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(^See that link^ the English written version is there)

I found this wonderful crochet pattern on Ravelry.  It is easy and quick.  The pattern uses fingering/sock weight yarn and a small hook, but I used worsted weight yarn and an H hook.  I posted a photo of the completed shawl on Facebook and encouraged several of my friends to try the pattern.

I decided to do a photo tutorial in case they had questions on the instructions.   This is where I found the pattern:—dreieckstuch

Scroll down the page until you see “Click here for authorized English translation.” Click on the word “here”.

Or you can click on the first link provided above for a video presentation of  how to work the shawl.

Now for the photo tutorial:


Chain 10 and join with a slip stitch.

Chain  3, make 19 dc in chain 10 space, but do not join. (20 dc) Chain 3 counts as first dc.

Chain 3 and turn.  1 dc in EACH dc  for a total of 20 (chain 3 counts as 1 dc). Your last dc will go in the top of the chain 3.

Chain 4 and turn. 1 dc AND ch 1 in each dc for a total of 20 dc.

Chain 13 and skip 1 space and sc in next space. Chain 5, skip 1 space and sc in next space. repeat for a total of 3 chain 5 sections.

I wanted to add this graph for those of you who find following a graph easier:

scalloped shawl graph

This should get you started. Follow the photographs.

T 1 T 2

Row 1:

T 3

Row 2:

T 4 T 5

Row 3:

T 6 T 7

Row 4:

T 8 T 9 T 10 T 11 T 12

Row 5:

T 13 T 14 T 15 T 16 T 17 T 18

Row 6:

T 19 T 20 T 21 T 22 T 23 T 24

Row 7:

T 25 T 26 T 27

Row 8:

T 28 T 29

Rows 9 – 12 repeat previous rows. Hope these photos help you understand the this pattern and make it easier for you to do.

P.S.    If you have specific questions that this tutorial does not answer for you, please check out the link above.

Here are photos of my first one and the second one (in progress):

STShawl 1

Project photo

ETA: here are some sites that may help you on how to block a shawl either knitted or crocheted.

Thank you for following my blog. I am glad you like this particular post. However, since all possible questions regarding the pattern are already answered in the body of this post or the comments, no further questions will be entertained on this post.


51 thoughts on “Scalloped Triangle Shawl (Crochet) Photo Tutorial

  1. THANK you for posting these photos, and your notations throughout! They’ve been a Godsend in helping me to be sure I’m following this pattern correctly! You’re awesome! 😀

  2. Thank you for this! I started this shawl last night and I was coming out all catty-wompus. I was putting an extra chain one between the scallops! Frogging tonight and starting over with your tutorial.

  3. I am truly thankful for coming upon your blog. I decided to use this pattern and was getting confused by the directions. You cleared up all my confusion. I am looking forward to making myself a shawl for a wedding I have in August! Thank you from the bottom of my heart

    • I am glad it has helped you. The shawls are really beautiful and after you have done one, you will find them extremely easy and quick to make.

    • Glad it has helped you. I have made a ton of these shawls for gifts. After making the first one, you will find any others a piece of cake.

  4. About how muxh yarn for a shawl? I have never done one but this is such a beautiful pattern it has me tempted to try it!

    • I use Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable and it usually takes me less than 2 skeins. The original pattern calls for fingering weight yarn but I use worsted weight and an H hook (5mm). I only do 8 repeats of the pattern. Then I finish off with a single crochet around the entire shawl.

  5. Thank you so much for this tutorial!! I have searched high and low, I am sure you heard this before!! I have Unforgettable, the greenish shades, cannot wait to start! I do not mind using You-Tube videos, the only way I can start C2C, lol !

    • Glad my tutorial is of help to you. This is a fun and easy pattern. You probably won’t be able to stop at just one, LOL.

    • 4 rows. When you begin the chain 13, single crochet, chain 5, etc., that is a good place to change colors.

  6. so glad to finally have a written pattern for this but I can’t seam to find the written instructions for rows 5 through 8? Have been wanting to make one but video’s irritate me so would love to find the rest of the written pattern

    • You are welcome. Once you do one, you will probably want to do more. They are so easy.

  7. I’m confused at row 8 as I couldn’t read what the red instructions say.
    What rows do I kept repeating?

    • Hi Dorian, it says skip these ch 1 spaces when doing the chain 10. Also midway up on my blog is a link to the pattern. If you scroll about midway down on the Pattern page you will be able to click on the “authorized English translation”. That should be able to help you more.

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  9. Thank you so much for the photo tutorial. I had found the instructions but I know the photos will help when I’m stuck. Purchased yarn earlier today and will start my first virus soon. You made me so happy 😀

  10. Thanks for the great tutorial.
    Question: how did you create the pictorial along with arrows and words on top of the pics? I would like to learn to do this.

      • Play around with the program. It is user friendly…more so that Adobe Photoshop (way too complicated for what I want to do with photo editing).

  11. Thank you SO MUCH for this photo instruction! I tried reading the printed directions and had to frog many times to get it right. The next one will be so much easier thanks to you! Fantastic job!

  12. I think the photos help a lot, but I am trying to get written directions and I see in the pictures they are there I just can’t read them. Where can I get the written English directions. Please if you could help me I would love to make this shawl.

    • There are 2 links above in the body of this post. The first one takes you to a video tutorial and the second takes you to the Ravelry page where you can follow another link to the free, downloadable written instructions. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  13. Great picture tut. Thanks. I did this project with DMC Perle Cotton #5 doubled. Will do another in wool. Note: on the even row 4 and row 8 with its repeats I did NOT do the first chain 3, just the chain 10. I found the first chain 3 left a goofy little gap.

    • Agreed. I followed the directions as written for the first few, then made some simple modifications for subsequent shawls

    • I have blocking wires from Knit Picks. I use those and T pins to pin the shawl to a mat or to s wall

    • Please read the instructions with the second link above. That link will take you to the pattern page. Then follow the instructions there.

  14. Hi, you need to know that this is the VERY BEST instructive guide for the virus shawl. I’ve made one and a virus blanket too. Thank you. 😊

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