Getting Re-motivated on My Healthy Journey

Since Thanksgiving of 2013, I have gained weight. That was due to over eating and, especially, eating things I should only eat in moderation, once in awhile. Our weather didn’t help as far as my walking regime is concerned. One day it’s freezing, the next it’s in the 60’s. Then it’s raining cats and dogs. Go figure.

Well, now it is time to get re-motivated. I’m starting off with trying to eat right and drink more water. Next are my kitchen sink exercises. These are exercises that can be done at the kitchen sink, especially good for older folks, like myself, who find it hard to get down on the floor and worse yet, get back up from the floor.

Place your hands on the rim, at each corner of the kitchen sink. Spread your feet to shoulder width apart. Now squat, only as far as you can go comfortably and get back up from comfortably. That may be only an inch or two to begin with. Do 9 squats.

Keeping your hand position maintained. Step back about a foot, keeping your feet shoulder width apart. Do 1 push up (lean in to the sink, bending your elbows, push out, straightening your arms).

Next, do 8 squats and 2 push ups. Then 7 squats and 3 push ups. Continue this way until you are doing 1 squat and 9 push ups.

Doesn’t seem like much, but believe me you will feel it later. This is especially good for older folks like myself, who are losing strength in their arms and legs.

My next goal is to get back up to par with my walking. Of course, here the weather during the winter is unpredictable. But I have no excuse. I do have a treadmill and I need to get on it.

Now that I have put my goals in print, hopefully, I’ll be able to stick to them.

Wishing you all good health.