Christmas at Oldest Son’s House

We had our Christmas at my oldest son’s apartment and it was great! He cooked all the food, except for the pies and truffles that I brought over. We watched a few movies and opened our gifts.

We got together and got my youngest son a PS3 and a couple of games. He knew absolutely nothing about it. It was the highlight of the get together to see the look on his face.

Oldest handed him a couple of small packages. He opened them thinking they were dvd’s but they were PS3 games. He looks up and says, “But I don’t have a PS3 player.” That’s when we all laughed and oldest opened the closet with the wrapped PS3 player in it. He was really surprised.

Of course, he says he will get even with us next year, LOL! I don’t think he can top that. It was just too much fun surprising him.


And the Moral of the Story is…..

Good mor….AFTERNOON!

This morning as I was leaving work, I looked down and found a dime on the ground. When I got in my car, my oldest called and invited me to breakfast. Got to the restaurant, got out of my car and found another dime.

Had a good time with oldest. Then came home and played on the computer (Farmville, etc.) Decided to do a little “homey” type stuff, put towels away, give fresh water to the animals, etc. Reached for the snake’s water bowl and got bit. Yep, he bit me. He held on for a few seconds or so then let go. Didn’t really hurt at all. Only bled a little. Cleaned it off, put on some antibiotic ointment and a bandaid.

Moral: Leave those dang dimes on the ground ;).