How to Make a Corded Envelope Style Pillow

Per a friend’s request I am posting a photo tutorial on a corded envelope style pillow.  Making the cord is not difficult.  It can be a little tricky to sew it in place, but it is not impossible.  Just take your time.

First, decide on what size pillow you want to make.  Then purchase or make your own pillow form.

When cutting out the squares for the pillow case, they must be one (1) inch larger than your pillow form.  So if you have a 12 inch pillow form, you squares must be 13 inches.

When I cut out squares for front and back, I cut out 3 and they are all the same size.  Two I use for the back of the pillow. I fold over and sew about 1/4 to 1/3 of the back pieces.  You will see this in the photos.

I use 2 1/2 inch wide strips, sewn together end to end, to encase the cord.  For the cord, I use cotton clothes line.  It is soft and pliable and fairly easy to sew through.

Now for the photos:

C 1

C 2 C 3

C 4 C 5

C 6 C 7

C 8 C 9

C 10 C 11

C 12 C 13

C 14 C15

C16 C17

C18 C19

C20 C21

C22 C23

Here is another corded pillow I made.  This one is appliqued.  The owl I drew on regular 8.5 x 11 paper and cut out the pieces.  I used Steam a Seam 2 to attach the pieces and ironed them down. Then satin stitched around them.



Twisted Ribbon Ball Ornaments Tutorial

I wanted to make something quick as gifts for the folks I work with. I began playing around with some ribbon and styrofoam balls. This tutorial is what I came up with.


2.5 – 3 inch diameter styrofoam balls
2.5 inch wide ribbon, about 10-12 feet per ball (I used wired ribbon as that is what I had on hand)
Dressmaker pins approximately 1 1/4 inch long (lots of them!)
Paper flowers (as used in scrapbooking)
8/0 seed beads (again something I had on hand)
Cord or thin ribbon for the hanger about 10 inches long for each ornament

Fold the end of the ribbon and pin it to the ball. I used the ribbon straight from the roll.

Twist the ribbon and begin wrapping in a spiral fashion around the ball. Pin as you go. Try to hide the pins in a fold of the ribbon. Push them in tightly. You may want to use a little Elmers glue on the tip of the pin. I did not use glue.

Continue twisting the ribbon and wrapping and pinning around the ball until you have covered the ball. Cut the ribbon and fold the end over and pin it down.

Cut a piece of cord or thin ribbon about 10 inches long. Fold in half and tie an overhand knot.

Pin cord to one end of the ball. Trim the ends.

Choose a paper flower. Load a seed bead on to a pin and attach flower to top of ball, covering the trimmed ends of the cord.

Viola! You’re done!

Thought I would add some pics of some finished ornaments for you.