Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park

April 5, 2015 (Easter Sunday) we decided to take a drive to Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park and take some photos of the area and especially the Pitcher Plants.

The park utilizes the honor system in collecting entry fees, which are cheap, by the way.  There is a small pavilion at the entrance and an information board about the 2 trails through the park.  One is about a mile or so long, round trip and the other is 7+ miles long, round trip.  We opted for the shorter one yesterday.

My youngest and I took quite a few photos of the trail and the bayou at its end.  Hope you enjoy them.

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Private Tour Of Fort Pickens

The other day, oldest and I took a trip out to Ft. Pickens. It was a beautiful day.

When we reached the gate, the Park Ranger asked if we need a map of the fort and info on it. Oldest said “No”. After all, he has a history degree and he has thoroughly researched Ft. Pickens.

He told me all about the guns, bricks, people in charge, etc. I learned stuff I never even knew.

But, please don’t expect me to remember all of that stuff. I’m old and decrepit after all. 🙂

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

jon 1

jon 2

jon 3

jon 4

jon 5

jon 6

jon 7

jon 8

jon 9

jon 10

jon 11

jon 12

jon 13

jon 14

jon 15

jon 16

jon 17

After visiting Ft. Pickens, we went down to Portofino and took some pics at the beach.

jon 18

jon 19

jon 20

jon 21

Gulf Islands National Seashore

Yesterday, youngest and I visited one of the designated Gulf Islands National Seashore spots. This is, upon first look, just a resting spot for those needing to take a break from driving and to use the bathroom.

But there are several nature trails here and pathways down to the beach. We took one of the trails that got off the boardwalk and went through the woods. I took quite a few photos and here are a few for you to enjoy.

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gi 5

gi 6

gi 8

gi 9

gi 10

gi 11

gi 12

gi 13

gi 15

gi 16

gi 17

gi 19

gi 20

gi 21

Fort Pickens, Spring Break, and Wrecks

Yesterday afternoon, youngest and I decided to drive out to Ft. Pickens and wander around a bit. I have a Seniors Pass that gets me and other occupants of my car in for free.

Well we couldn’t have picked a more terrible time to go. I forgot this was Spring Break and the beach area was crawling with teens, families and young kids. It was like trying to drive through a herd of multicolored clowns from a gigantic circus. I was glad when we finally reached the entrance to Ft. Pickens. We did have to wait as there was a line of folks headed in the same direction. Once we got through, we made it to the parking area of the Fort, parked and began our little jaunt through the structure and surrounding area.

I took a few pics and will post them shortly.

Driving back we just missed a major wreck. It happened behind us as we were leaving. I’m glad we were far enough ahead that we weren’t caught up in a traffic standstill. Unfortunately, we DID get caught up in the traffic standstill of the wreck much closer to home. Two lanes of traffic was being squeezed into a single lane by emergency vehicles. You would think that seeing a major wreck would make most folks more careful, but that was far from true. Idiots were trying to shove their way into the single lane with total disregard for who may already be in that spot. I was definitely glad when we got home.

Anyway, here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.















Photo Shoots

Every year I enter photos in our local Fair. I have won a few blue ribbons, but that’s not really a big deal. They do tend to give out quite a few ribbons here.

Anyway, I live in a sub-tropical, beach area. And one would think, “WOW! What an opportunity to take some fantastic shots of the beach and local attractions.” Yes, that is very easy to do here, BUT if you want to win a ribbon at the Fair here, you better pick a different subject altogether. Those judges are so sick of seeing photos of the beach or the lighthouse or the fort or the boats or the local, but nationally known gardens. Those type photos, no matter how great, won’t get you a ribbon.

Initially, I focused on close ups of animals. Last year, I did some still life type photos and was surprised to get a couple of blue ribbons. I’m going to try that again this year, just different subject matter. Wish me luck.

So if you are thinking of entering some photos in your local Fair, think long and hard on your subject matter. And good luck to you.



AZoo 5

butterfly 003Ablog

MZ group pic

Wearing Socks in Florida

I’m a knitter, a sock knitter primarily. I just love to knit them and wear them. And, yes, I live in Florida. I wear socks year around.

Why? you ask. Well, I’ll tell you. First, it does get extremely hot and humid here. That includes the sand at the beach. That sand can blister your feet in seconds. Then you can give up walking for awhile. The sun can blister the tops of your feet while the sand takes care of the bottoms.

Second, this is the South. Air conditioning is used everywhere. I don’t mean just cool comfort from the heat outside. I mean freezing temperatures, walk-in freezer type temperatures in stores, theaters, homes, businesses, schools, etc. That cool blast feels pretty good the first few minutes you are inside, then you begin to get cold and that includes your feet.

Third, I make my socks with a wool blend sock yarn. Wool pulls moisture away from the skin so you don’t have that yukky, sticky, wet squishy feeling while wearing your socks.

So, I’ll continue to wear my socks year round…in Florida.




Big Lagoon State Park

Youngest and I took a short trip out to Big Lagoon State Park. We walked all over the beach area. It was windy and chilly.

Then he got this screwball idea to climb the tower. He told me I was going with him…up 4 stories in an open air observation tower. I am afraid of heights, but I managed to get to the top, took a few pictures, praying that the swaying tower would let me get down before it toppled over. I was definitely glad to get my feet back on Mother Earth.

Did I tell you I was afraid of heights?