My Gardenias Are Blooming and They Smell Heavenly!

When we moved into this house 30 years ago, I planted some Gardenia bushes. I think it was about 4 bushes. A couple of years later, I took some cuttings and grew them in pots until they had developed a good root system. Now I have Gardenia bushes along one side of my fence in the back yard (we have a huge back yard).

Anyway, they started blooming a few days ago. A heavenly scent greets me every time I open the back door. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.

g 1a

bg 1

bg 2

bg 3


Giving a Baby Bird a Second Chance

Hubby was out in the backyard when he noticed a baby bird on the ground. He came and got me to take a look at it. Any time we got near it, it opened its’ little mouth expecting food. I have heard numerous times that it is best to leave them because mom and dad will continue to take care of it. But there is an added problem to my backyard.

I have 3 outdoor cats and 1 dog that is of a hunting breed. I knew that little baby would not survive my menagerie without a little extra help.

So we took an old cardboard box and placed it on its side on top of some old shelving. I put an old towel in there and placed the baby inside. Then we waited.

Mom and dad are around checking things out. I haven’t seen either of them go in the box, but they seem to be aware that the baby is in there. I certainly hope they continue to take care of him/her.




5-11-14 I’ve been dreading posting this, but this little guy did not make it. I guess he had internal injuries from the fall that were too great to overcome.

My Own Backyard

Yesterday, we went to the Montgomery Zoo. I was hoping to get some fantastic shots, but as luck would have it, that did not happen. Nothing extraordinary in the subject matter…the animals. Usually there is at least one good shot at a zoo, but this just was not my lucky day.

BUT, today, in my own backyard, I spotted a butterfly. A rather large butterfly. I did some research and learned that this critter is a Papilio Thaos or Kings Swallowtail. He graciously remained still while I took several photos. I am thankful for that. Most of the time they just flit around and I find myself chasing them all over the place trying to get a decent shot.

So here it is for your enjoyment: