Hillcrest Baptist Church, Ensley, Florida

As you all know, I walk my dog daily.  I tend to vary my routes to keep from being bored.  One of my routes takes me by Hillcrest Baptist Church, Ensley, Florida.  I  usually cut through their back parking lot (paved area) to avoid the high traffic on the side road and major road along the front.  It is just safer.

I also have my dog on a short leash and I carry “deposit” bags and clean up after her…always.

Today, I encountered an older woman exiting her car.  When she noticed me, she glared at me…not just stare, but glared as if I was a 3 headed demon.

I waved and smiled.  She did not reciprocate.  She glared a bit longer then turned and headed for the church.

I posted this encounter on FB and stated that this would put me off of ever visiting this church.  I also stated that if the church preferred that I didn’t cut through their parking lot, to please let me know.  So we shall see if I get a response.

Anyway, just a “hmmmmmmmm……” moment.  What would you do?

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ETA:  No response as of yet. 10-01-2015