Animal Attack!

Yesterday evening, youngest and I (and Bella, my dog) took a 2 mile walk around our neighborhood.

While out on the road Bella kept turning around looking at something behind us. She is very protective of us.

Son spotted what it was and went to investigate.  This little thing tried to climb his pants leg.  We checked with houses around there to see if they owned him. But were told “No”.

I remembered seeing a “Free Kittens” sign the other day, but it was gone last evening.

Anyway, this little guy followed him home.  Son did try to leave him, but he would have none of that.

I feared for his safety. He is so little and we have quite a few hawks in this area.

Here is a couple of pictures of this little guy.

LF 1

That is my oldest cat, Momma Kitty. She is 18 years old.

LF 2

This is him trying to climb up my pants leg.