Pollen, Humidity, Allergies, Asthma and Determination

I slacked off this past winter on my walking.  So started back in on the treadmill in March, but really not exerting myself.  Found out rather quickly when I took a couple of outside hikes that this year is going to be a little tough on me.

The pollen count is way higher than it has been in the past couple of years and the humidity drains your energy.  My allergies are over active and I’ve had a few minor asthma flare ups.

So on one of my routine visits to my doc, he suggested I use my inhaler PRIOR to hiking and take an antihistamine. Just have to find one that doesn’t knock me out.

Anyway, I’ve been doing more walking outside, through my neighborhood.  My normal walk is 1.2 miles and takes me about 30 minutes with my dog.

Today, I tried a different route.  It is longer (1.6 miles and 43 minutes) and a good portion of it is uphill.  WOOHOO!  I made it around.  I did use my inhaler prior to the walk and was only huffing and puffing on the uphill part.

Now the kicker will be to do this walk on a regular basis.  Wish me luck.


5/22/2015 UPDATE:  I am managing to do this walk at least 4 x a week.  Already planning a new, longer route for the future.

5/28/2015 UPDATE:  Walked 1.9 miles today in 39.03 minutes. WooHoo! Getting a little better.