72 Degrees + Gentle Breeze = Trip to Zoo

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that youngest and I decided to take a trip out to the Gulf Breeze Zoo.  We renewed our yearly membership, which is not cheap BTW, then took our leisurely walk around the complex.  Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.

gb 1 gb 2 gb 3 gb 4 gb 5 gb 6 gb 7 gb 8 gb 9 gb 10 gb 11 gb 12 gb 13 gb 14 gb 15 gb 16 gb 17 gb 18


2 thoughts on “72 Degrees + Gentle Breeze = Trip to Zoo

  1. Good heavens! How close were you to that gator? It looks like he could give you a manicure if you held out your hand. I always enjoy your trips.

  2. LOL! Don’t worry Barb. I have a super zoom camera. So I don’t have to be close at all.

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