Thinking Ahead to Halloween

And what better story than the Legend of Sleepy Hollow brings to mind ghosts and ghouls and everything Halloween.

I found this pattern on eBay while browsing the primitive doll pattern section. I had never seen a pattern for the Headless Horseman until now. So, of course, I had to get it and make it.

This is the pattern and it can be purchased on eBay.

H 1

What you will see below is my interpretation of the above pattern. I didn’t particularly care for the post in the horse’s stomach or the Sleepy Hollow banner. I also felt the jack-o-lantern’s face needed to be more menacing. Anyway, here is my interpretation.

H 2

Oh, and the book is fake. It’s a box that I painted, filled with pellets for weight and applied labels indicating the story name and author.

H 3

It was fun to work on this doll/decoration. Can’t wait for Halloween. 🙂

Oh, BTW, the whole thing measures approximately 20 inches by 20 inches.


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