Fat Bird Pin Cushion

Last evening, I got creative with my sewing machine. I was wanting to do something that wouldn’t take too long to get done. So I searched through my patterns and found this:

P 1a

I pulled out the instruction sheets and the tissue pattern. I read over the instructions and then counted the pattern pieces to make sure they were all there.

I decided to make the fat bird in the bottom left corner of the photo. I did do a few things differently while making the bird. I did NOT put facing fabric in the wings or tail feathers. I DID sew the bottom of the wings down to make a sort of pocket on the sides of the birds. I chose to do a different beak instead of the one the pattern called for. And I added a hat as each bird seemed to be lacking something decorative. The hats are yo yo’s in complimentary colors to the bird, with green satin 1/4 wide ribbon.

fb 1

fb 6

fb 5

After sewing the birds together, I stuffed each with polyester fiberfill. I am surprised that they sit nicely. But if you have a problem with that, you can always glue on a small piece of wood that will stabilize the bird.