Having My Dog Spayed

I’ve really waited a long time to have this done. She is 3 years old. But today I took her to the vet to be spayed. I opted for the pain shot after the surgery. I don’t want her hurting later.

Anyway, I took her in this morning and dropped her off. She was wearing her muzzle because she does not like strangers or kids. I did tell them not to remove it until they have her sedated. She may be a small dog, but I really believe she would bite someone if she felt threatened, probably more out of fear than aggression. I hope they follow my instructions regarding the muzzle.

I get to pick her up between 4 and 430 pm today. She will probably be very groggy. But it will be a relief not to have to worry about her being in heat and attracting a ton of admirers. 🙂

Bella Evening 005a

Picked her up. She is doing well. The surgery went well. Of course, she is playing it to the 9’s. She is such a “diva” dog. When we are watching her she has that “poor pitiful me” act going on. But when we are not (or when she thinks we are not) she continues on with only minor indications of discomfort. I do have pain pills for her and will give them to her as prescribed for a couple of days.