Several weeks ago, at the urging of my youngest, I started C25K (couch to 5 K). First, I downloaded the free app to my phone. Then I began with Week 1 Day 1. At my age, I didn’t think I should begin with running. So when the program said to run, I just power walked. I managed to get through Week 4 before I twisted my knee. Not enough to incapacitate me, but enough to know that I had done it.

Well a week goes by before I can get back on the treadmill. In the meantime, I walked the dog a few times, but nothing strenuous. So this morning I started back at Week 1 Day 1 and I RAN! Yes, I ran! I’m not fast by a long shot, but I managed to get my old heart pumping and worked up a sweat.

My goal is to actually run a 5 K sometime in the future. It won’t matter if I come in last; I just want to finish.

Wish me luck.


Oh, BTW, this is my little mutt.

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  1. Thanks. Hope I can make it to the end of the program and then keep it up. 🙂

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