FV2 Is an Addictive, Money Sucking Habit

Do any of you play Farmville 2? I used to play until recently. I decided to quit playing the game. That in itself is hard to do as it is a very addicting game. But I found that all it did was keep me in a state of frustration. Why? I’ll tell you.

Initially, when you start playing the creators of the game gently ease you into the planting, harvesting and selling of crops. When you reach a certain level, they begin adding “quests” for you to complete to get this or that animal or farm equipment piece. You are eased into buying Farm Bucks so that you can complete a certain quest or obtain a particular animal or piece of equipment.

Before you know it the “quests” become more and more difficult, urging you to buy more and more Farm Bucks just to skip the difficult parts of the quests or to complete one quest and move on to the next. If you do not pay attention to what is happening, you will spend hundreds of dollars on this game.

But this is the plan of its creators. They want your money, your hard earned money and they know all the tricks to getting it.

They are comparable to drug dealers or gambling houses. They suck you in gradually, until you are hooked. Then they offer more and more addictive items to suck you dry of your time and money.

My advice and I speak as one who knows is STOP!!!! Begin with just one day. Don’t visit FV2 for one day. Then try not visiting for another day. Continue doing this. Say to yourself, “I don’t need to play FV2 today.” Before you realize it, you will have broken the hold they have on you. And you will have extra money in YOUR pocket, not theirs.



4 thoughts on “FV2 Is an Addictive, Money Sucking Habit

  1. I think I’ve spent $70 on the game over a long time period. I haven’t in ages as I don’t have the extra cash anymore. If I can’t finish a quest…oh well, I just stop making the thing they want me to make. But I really hate the new food stand with all the requests. Stupid. Now…I hear the app that you can download onto your android or iPad is pretty cool. Less time consuming.

    I downloaded that Candy Crust Saga onto my iPad last week…I’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t get past level 29 without either linking into FB or paying for “life”. I’m going to try one more day, if I can’t get past it, the damned game will be deleted.

  2. I’ve spent some on it, but living on SS does not allow one to spend much. It just gets on my nerves with all those quests.

    I saw the app for the smart phone, but I didn’t want to run into the same thing on the phone that was happening on line.

    Oh, and those dang frogs….Really!?…..They should let us pick and choose what we want, not dump it on us without our consent.

    There I go, ranting again. LOL! I’ve just decided not to play their game.

  3. I haven’t played any games, so last week my son was explaining to me the value of free games.
    “But how can a company afford to make improvements if they create a game and give it away?” I asked. That’s when he explained the numerous games that find all sorts of devious ways to get players to spend money….just 99 cents or so at a time. Not much…or so one thinks. I had no idea these games were so addictive and such money makers for the creators. Good luck in breaking away.

    • I played the original and played it longer than this one. But they were slower at throwing things (quests or challenges) at you. This new one starts out slow, but picks up the pace quickly,

      When I decide to stop doing something, I stop. They have made me angry enough to do just that. I haven’t been there in over a week.

      Good for you for not even getting started on them.

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