Fort Pickens, Spring Break, and Wrecks

Yesterday afternoon, youngest and I decided to drive out to Ft. Pickens and wander around a bit. I have a Seniors Pass that gets me and other occupants of my car in for free.

Well we couldn’t have picked a more terrible time to go. I forgot this was Spring Break and the beach area was crawling with teens, families and young kids. It was like trying to drive through a herd of multicolored clowns from a gigantic circus. I was glad when we finally reached the entrance to Ft. Pickens. We did have to wait as there was a line of folks headed in the same direction. Once we got through, we made it to the parking area of the Fort, parked and began our little jaunt through the structure and surrounding area.

I took a few pics and will post them shortly.

Driving back we just missed a major wreck. It happened behind us as we were leaving. I’m glad we were far enough ahead that we weren’t caught up in a traffic standstill. Unfortunately, we DID get caught up in the traffic standstill of the wreck much closer to home. Two lanes of traffic was being squeezed into a single lane by emergency vehicles. You would think that seeing a major wreck would make most folks more careful, but that was far from true. Idiots were trying to shove their way into the single lane with total disregard for who may already be in that spot. I was definitely glad when we got home.

Anyway, here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.
















2 thoughts on “Fort Pickens, Spring Break, and Wrecks

  1. I love forts…well…abandoned ones. It’s amazing to think of the lives, the discipline, the marching, the battles that went on there. Oh if those wall could talk. Thanks for sharing. It’s like a mini-vacation for us.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the pics. It’s a pretty big place. There are some areas that are still not open to the public. It also housed Geronimo for a time as well as other Apaches.

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