Photo Shoots

Every year I enter photos in our local Fair. I have won a few blue ribbons, but that’s not really a big deal. They do tend to give out quite a few ribbons here.

Anyway, I live in a sub-tropical, beach area. And one would think, “WOW! What an opportunity to take some fantastic shots of the beach and local attractions.” Yes, that is very easy to do here, BUT if you want to win a ribbon at the Fair here, you better pick a different subject altogether. Those judges are so sick of seeing photos of the beach or the lighthouse or the fort or the boats or the local, but nationally known gardens. Those type photos, no matter how great, won’t get you a ribbon.

Initially, I focused on close ups of animals. Last year, I did some still life type photos and was surprised to get a couple of blue ribbons. I’m going to try that again this year, just different subject matter. Wish me luck.

So if you are thinking of entering some photos in your local Fair, think long and hard on your subject matter. And good luck to you.



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