Death and Our Worlds

The recent death of an online friend got me to thinking about my two worlds. Yes, you read that right…two worlds. I have a physical world, the one I live in, eat in, sleep in, breathe in, take care of daily chores in, drive in, etc., and my cyber world, the one I have accounts in, friends in, places I visit, write in, dream in, think in, etc.

I have no doubt my family could take care of things in my physical world, but what about my cyber world? Who has my passwords? Who knows my cyber friends? Who knows what places I visit frequently? No one! And I need to change that. I need to make a list of my “places and friends”, passwords and wishes, so that all can be notified when I pass on from this world to the next. I need to make it as easy as possible for my family when this happens. It will be hard enough for them just to deal with funeral business and things in the physical world. I definitely don’t need to burden them with other hardships in the cyber world.

Have you got your lists made? Do you have someone designated to handle your cyber world when you leave the physical one?

It is definitely something to think about.

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