Dear Seller…….

Occasionally, I buy things on line. Sometimes, it’s from Amazon, or Etsy, or eBay. Sometimes, its from Sears or Walmart. I rarely, I repeat, rarely have problems. BUT, SOMETIMES….I run into those sellers whose practices leave a lot to be desired.

I pay immediately. It’s simple to me. If I want to buy something, then I should have the money right then and pay right then. And I expect sellers to respond accordingly.

Let me list the things I expect from my sellers:

I expect good COMMUNICATION. If there is a problem with the item I have ordered, send me an email ASAP and give me the option to cancel that order.

I expect prompt MAILING. I pay immediately, so I expect my item to be mailed within 48 hours. I do not expect to have to wait 5, 7 or 10 days before you decide to mail my item. I should have had that item in my hands by then. I know the approximate mailing times from any given location to my location.

I expect appropriate PACKAGING. If the item is fragile, wrap it so that it will not break during transit. If it is a small item, don’t put it in a box as big as a doghouse.

I expect no SUBSTITUTES. Do Not Substitute without contacting me first. There may be a specific reason I have ordered that item and cannot accept a substitute.

I expect to receive my ITEM. Do Not think that just because it is “lost” in the mail, you are no longer responsible. Because that is not the case! I will file the appropriate complaints and charge-backs, if I do not receive my item.

Just a heads up for you sub-standard sellers out there. Improve your customer service or you will find yourself out of business.