Tobacco versus E-Cigarette

My husband and I have been smokers for a long time…him longer than me. I have quit in the past several times and those no smoking times have lasted for a few years at a time. But I always started back…mostly due to the stress of the job (nurse).

Now we are both retired and are counting our pennies since we live on a fixed income. Every dollar is accounted for and doled out sparingly. We averaged $300.00 a month on cigarettes. That’s a lot of money when you are living on Social Security.

Last week we were running our usual errands…bank, groceries, cigarette store, etc. On the way, I told my hubby that now would be a good time for us both to quit smoking. He thought for a moment and said, “I don’t know if I can. Why don’t we try those electronic cigarettes?” Hmmm….I’m thinking this might be a way to eliminate tobacco from our lives.

After some research into e-cigarettes, we decided on Mistic brand, available at WalMart and other retailers in our area. The battery (long end of the cigarette) and the cartridge (filter of the cigarette) are heavier than a regular tobacco cigarette. “Smoking” the e-cigarette is very similar to a tobacco cigarette..without the burn, ash or smell. The cartridge has food safe liquid with nicotine, that when inhaled and exhaled, resembles actual smoke.

It FEELS like I’m smoking. It TASTES like I’m smoking. The end even lights up when I take a puff. But I have found that I am NOT puffing on it as frequently as I did a real cigarette. I may puff on the e-cig once or twice every couple of hours..just enough to get the nicotine in my system. Eventually, I will probably not be “smoking” at all.

I was worried about hubby and his reaction to the e-cigarette. He seems to be doing fine with it. Of course, he puffs on it more frequently than I do. I honestly thought he would have gone out and bought a pack of tobacco cigarettes by now. But he hasn’t. I am pleasantly surprised and happy that he is sticking with the e-cig.

Cost wise, this is much cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. It is about 1/3 the monthly cost. A $200.00 savings…HELL YEAH! I can live with that.

Mistic e cig

UPDATE! UPDATE! I am no longer smoking the e-cig or any cig for that matter. I am officially a NON-smoker. I noticed that I was puffing on the e-cig maybe twice a day. So I asked myself, “Why am I doing this?” So I just totally quit….no cigs whatsoever. Don’t miss it.

Hubby is still “smoking”, but way less than with tobacco cigs. I am not sure that he will ever quit, but at least it’s not tobacco.


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  1. Who could object? Quite a lot of people, it seems. Instead of embracing e-cigarettes, many health lobbyists are determined to stub them out. Some claim that e-cigarettes may act as “gateways” to the real thing. Others suggest that the flavourings sometimes added to the nicotine-bearing solution make e-cigarettes especially attractive to children—a sort of nicotine equivalent of “alcopop” drinks. But these objections seem to be driven by puritanism, not by reason. Some health lobbyists are so determined to prevent people doing anything that remotely resembles smoking—a process referred to as “denormalisation”—that they refuse to endorse a product that reproduces the pleasure of smoking without the harm.

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