Visiting Florida?

Do you REALLY want to visit Florida? I’m sure you’ve seen all the advertisements about how great Florida is. Snow white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, super entertainment, etc.

Well let me inform you of some of the negatives. I’ve lived here for 30+ years, I know what I am talking about.

1. Hurricanes…yes this is a major problem along the Gulf Coast. Hurricane season is from June thru November, peak tourist season. And most of the tourists congregate in the beach areas…not the best place to be when a hurricane is imminent. Excessive, destructive winds with tornadoes, surges of sea water that can reach roof tops, power outages lasting days, sometimes weeks, downed trees and power lines.

BTW and FYI, you can call 911 till hell freezes over during a hurricane. NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE will come to your rescue during a hurricane. They will come to you AFTER the hurricane is over, but they do not send emergency crews out during a hurricane. They have lost too many EMT’s and Paramedics because of the stupidity of others. So if you are told to evacuate an area, Get the Hell Out!

Oh and please remember that there are only one or two major interstate accesses into this state. If you try to leave when a hurricane is imminent, you could get stuck on the interstate during the worst of it. Traffic can be backed up to central Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. And forget about trying to find a hotel or motel to stay in. They will be packed full and have no vacancies. You will be SOL.

2. Thunderstorms with lightening, more frequent here than other states. How many folks do you know that have been struck by lightening? I am a retired nurse. I have taken care of quite a few patients struck by lightening, some of them suffered brain damage, some lost limbs due to severe burns. I’ve known some who were killed instantly. If it’s lightening here, stay indoors. Oh, and I must not forget the power surges due to thunder and lightening. Everyone here uses surge protectors for their electronic devices, otherwise one would be spending a fortune replacing all of those things.

3. Snakes and other vermin. There are 6 poisonous snakes in the U.S. You can find at least one species of each snake scattered throughout the U.S. BUT you can find ALL of them in Florida! They are not just in some isolated, wooded area. They are found in neighborhoods, garages, any place that offers cool, dark relief from the hot sun.

Gators, another animal to be wary of, has made a remarkable comeback from the endangered species list. They inhabit the rivers and ponds. Some have been found on golf courses, in swimming pools, lounging in someone’s back yard, crawling up a driveway, just to name a few places. These creatures have powerful jaws and will eat just about anything, including young children and pets. They are very fast for short distances.

Planning to visit Disneyworld? Read the fine print on that brochure about being cautious around snakes and gators. Yes, there are snakes and gators in Disneyworld and they are not part of the entertainment package.

Other wild critters you might run into include possums, racoons (usually carriers of rabies), foxes, bats, rabbits, turtles, lizards, etc.

I’ve seen foxes in the parking lot of a mall. I’ve had bats come in my house through an open window. I’ve seen wild rabbits and turtles and snakes on my daily walk with my dog through my neighborhood. It is not uncommon to see them.

Oh, and I must not forget the bugs. They come in giant size only. Mosquitoes, which carry all kinds of diseases, palmeto bugs, a giant size version of the ordinary cockroach, love bugs that swarm in May and September and stick to car windows like glue, fireants, whose bite stings and burns and causes small pustules to form.

4. Sun and humidity. People come here for the sunshine and beaches. Some are totally unaware of how much damage the sun can do. Heat stroke is a common occurrence among visitors. So is sunburn requiring hospitalization.

The humidity here can be stifling for those not used to it. It also poses a real threat to those with respiratory problems.

These are just a few of the things visitors need to be aware of when visiting Florida.

Am I trying to scare you away? No. But I do want you to be aware of the dangers in this state and prepare accordingly. It could save your life or the life of someone you love dearly.

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2 thoughts on “Visiting Florida?

  1. LOL!!! Oreo!! Loved reading your post! Ok here is my reply:
    This is why we leave our home to travel to Florida:
    1. Snow!
    2. Snow & 20 degree weather!
    3. Thunder Snow!
    4. Florida is not Mexico. πŸ™‚
    Hope this made you smile πŸ™‚
    πŸ™‚ Deb from CCQ

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