We have all heard the word, but what does it actually mean?

Here are a few definitions:

1. Punishment…something we are all familiar with. Either, we experienced it first hand as children or we used it on our own children. In this instance, discipline can take many forms from timeout to a whack on the butt for bad behaviour. I know with mine, as small children a well placed whack on the butt usually served to correct the problem. When they became teens, I had to come up with ingenious ways to correct the problem. For example, when they were young teens we went to a department store looking for a wedding gift. We were in the china department and they decided it would be fun to punch each other in the arm. All I could think of was that they were going to break something expensive that I would have to pay for. So I leaned over and whispered that if they didn’t stop, I would pick my nose in front of God and everyone else and wipe it on their shirts. The look of utter horror on their faces was absolutely priceless. It worked!

2. A system of rules governing conduct or activity. We’ve all seen this in the form of signs in and around our community. For example, speed limit signs, or no shirt, no shoes, no service in restaurants, age restrictions in bars or clubs or movie theaters, no solicitors, no food or drink allowed in store, etc.

3. Self control. This one is the HARDEST one to enforce. There will be no one to tell you that you haven’t done what you were supposed to do or not do. Only you can do that. And this is the one we need the most when we are striving to become a more healthy individual.

We need self control when faced with a vast array of food choices that could undermine our healthy lifestyle. And we need self control to maintain our exercise program or even push it beyond our comfort zone.

Self control comes from practice and time. We must practice, daily, our good, healthy food choices. And we must force ourselves to embark on our daily exercise program to achieve our goals. With time the discipline becomes easier because it has become a habit. And everyone knows habits are hard to break.

Keep practicing your self control and you will see a new you.

See you on the good side of healthy.